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Put this LEGO head down on your desk

I’m a big proponent for the LEGO-built desk ornament. Whether a real set (like LEGO Icons 10331 Kingfisher) or something custom built, a wealth of LEGO encircles me at my workstation as I write this. But none of these assembled curios are as useful as this Easter Island-themed desk caddy by LEGO 7. With one sporting tissues and a second ready to hold your pencil, these monolithic statues are there when you need them! It’s part of a larger collection by LEGO 7 of brick-built creations with real-world applications.


Perfect LEGO patronus is a potent Potter protector

Builder Chi Hsin Wei has been on an absolute roll lately, churning out some truly brilliant LEGO creations over the last few months. But this latest ode to Harry Potter may be my favorite work of the bunch! Improving significantly over the recent 76414 Expecto Patronum set, this glorious stag of light blue brick utilizes an array of curved slopes and clip hinges to bring the translucent beast to life. And the spell’s caster is no slouch either with their flowing black robes. It’s quite the difficult task to replicate loose clothing in the LEGO medium, but Wei handles it like a pro!

Elegant Patronus

Reading can take you to unexpected places

Travel beneath the waves in style with this beautiful scene by LEGO 7. It features a pair of humpback whales swimming alongside some dolphins, and carrying an unusual passenger: Low-Fi Girl? She’s just reading a book and riding along with her orange cat while a nearby angler fish provides her some light. There is some amazing rounded shaping used in all the underwater mammals. Drifting along with this unusual group, several notes complete the scene.

Murmur in the sea

Dark master and apprentice from Ahsoka strike a LEGO pose

I can guarantee a spoiler-free take on this LEGO version of the antagonists from the new Ahsoka series on Disney+, mostly because I haven’t had time to watch it yet. So forgive me if I don’t yet know the significance of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati yet, built here by Chi Hsin Wei. The capes on these two are brilliant, using curved slopes and technic panels to convey the proper cloth-like “flow.” Add to that their built-in poseability (made possible through tow ball joints, bars, and clips) and this duo is certainly ready for action! Perhaps we’ll be treated to the duo on the other side of this Force in a future build, and hopefully by then I’ll be all caught up on episodes.

Baylan Skoll & Shin Hati

This builder brings the beautiful bugs

LEGO will be launching the The Insect Collection soon and, as a result, some of our favorite builders are a little buggier than usual. Take, for example, this lovely Orchid Mantis built by LEGO 7 that is adorned, like its namesake, in pink and white. The flowers come from 10311 Orchid set from last year.


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Hoppy New Year!

We’ve highlighted both adorable animals and kinetic sports builds from Chi Hsin Wei in the past. Now, to celebrate the beginning of the new year, Chi has combined both of those talents in a build that celebrates 2023 as the Year of the Rabbit. The dynamic mid-leap pose of the rabbit is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the build. But the crescent moon bike ramp, with its inventive use of tiling and the just the right amount of high-tech greeble detail, is just as impressive.


The bear necessities of life will come to you

Sometimes, when the hustle and bustle of city life wears you down, and you can’t bear the stress any longer, a trip to the great outdoors can be the perfect remedy. This scene by LEGO 7 with a father bear and his cub enjoying a camping and fishing trip tells a wonderful story. The jeep is packed with supplies, including a camp stove, lantern, fishing gear, and even a couple of folding chairs.


Oh, and in case you were wondering if they fit inside the vehicle like I was… they do! The stickers on the vehicle are a nice touch, and seeing junior looking out the back passenger window at the wild world going by is super-cute.


An amazing sculpture with a powerful message

Let’s get the puns out of the way; green thumb, palm tree. This creation by Chi Hsin Wei deserves better than that kind of tomfoolery. I mean, look at this. A giant hand of nature, bursting through a slab of urban sprawl towards the sky. A single flower blooming from it and reaching to the heavens. This is the kind of build that shows LEGO creations can be an art form unto themselves. The subject matter alone is pretty great, but the execution is on another level. The realistic shaping and posing of the palm and fingers is top-notch. The flower looks realistically delicate, despite its plastic nature. It would be a crime to saddle this build with my usual snarky wordplay. This is, hands down, a triumph of a build.

Oh, son of a–

Green Thumb

Father, son, and House of LEGO

It may not be Gucci but it’s still got plenty of style and class. This fashionable bag built by Chi Hsin Wei is full of style in a fan-favorite color. Sandgreen is a perfect choice for the majority of the bag, while gold clamps and buckles are accented by bars of red and black. The builder shows off some customization using bag tags, Dots bracelets, and a bandana. I’m not sure if that cloth is “legal” but it certainly compliments the bag well. Real-world objects turned into LEGO models have become a popular selling point for our favorite brick manufacturer. From shoes to guitars, they’ve been taking the “Rebuild the World” motto pretty literally. Here, the builder did an awesome job addressing the shaping and accenting details of the bag, producing a luxurious style product with character and elegance.

Lego Fashion Bag

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Who could say no to a face like that!

Would you just look at this super cute LEGO sloth byChi Hsin Wei. I mean, do you see that precious little face? It is oozing happiness. The use of the wedge for eyes is perfect. Did you know that a sloths’ eyes don’t function all that well? They completely lack cone cells in their eyes and because of this all sloths are colour-blind. They can only see poorly in dim light and are completely blind in bright daylight.

However, the best thing about this LEGO sloth is not their cute squinted eyes, nor their claws which look just like the real deal. It is that sweet smile across that little face. This expression of pure bliss would have been a lot harder to achieve were it not for the perfect use of the sausage as mouth.


There’s something fishy going on here.

A while back IKEA released a line of LEGO-compatible storage boxes. We’ve seen some creative builds based on them before, but this creation by Chi Hsin Wei (LEGO7) is a little sus. Sorry, I mean “fishy”.  The white IKEA box makes for a perfect insulated container, transparent 1×1 brick makes realistic ice, and metallic silver tile and slopes add just the right sheen to the saury. The brick-built sign with pricing really elevates the build, giving everything context and letting you imagine visiting your favorite fish-monger for the catch of the day.


I don’t want to carp on about what a great build this is forever, so I suggest you go check out some other featured fishy builds.

Time for some serious shredding

Radical! School is over for the day so it’s off to the skate park, as seen in this LEGO creation by Chi Hsin Wei.

Tribute to youth-Skateboarding

What’s not to love about this? From the kid poppin’ an ollie to the stair rail grind, everything about this super rad. I especially like the detail given to the individual skateboarders. The pink socks on the girl are fantastic, as are the Converse high tops on the kid in the air. Perhaps the best part of this, however, is the ghetto blaster at the base of the stairs. For those of us who used to rule the concrete slopes, no skate session is complete without some fresh beats.