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Reading can take you to unexpected places

Travel beneath the waves in style with this beautiful scene by LEGO 7. It features a pair of humpback whales swimming alongside some dolphins, and carrying an unusual passenger: Low-Fi Girl? She’s just reading a book and riding along with her orange cat while a nearby angler fish provides her some light. There is some amazing rounded shaping used in all the underwater mammals. Drifting along with this unusual group, several notes complete the scene.

Murmur in the sea

Smooth as a baby’s... bottlenose?

I’m always impressed when a builder manages to make LEGO models completely smooth. Going stud-less can be hard, and even harder when dealing with organic shapes. This bottlenose dolphin built by Ken Ito (暁工房) may show just a few studs, but the body shaping is superb! The arch of the back end and tail are particularly well-executed.

It seems as though this builder has a knack and a penchant for these kinds of creations. Marine life is just a snippet of what he can do. Stick around to see more like this!