This all-porpoise battle mech is ready for anything

We put on flippers to go swimming in the sea, so I guess it isn’t so weird that a denizen of the ocean would put on a pair of robot legs. But Moko has made sure this dolphin is ready for more than just a sight-seeing tour on the surface world. This mech is providing its Cetacean operator with legs, a giant cannon, an energy sword, a targeting computer, and even a prehensile tail that ends in a claw. It might feel like overkill, but when you realize what the sharks have been up to, you see that there’s an underwater arms race going on. Literally, they all have arms now.

Dolphin's EXO-Suit

1 comment on “This all-porpoise battle mech is ready for anything

  1. Caleb

    I always love it when animals are the drivers of mechs. It is such a cool design challenge.

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