This builder brings the beautiful bugs

LEGO will be launching the The Insect Collection soon and, as a result, some of our favorite builders are a little buggier than usual. Take, for example, this lovely Orchid Mantis built by LEGO 7 that is adorned, like its namesake, in pink and white. The flowers come from 10311 Orchid set from last year.


As if that wasn’t enough, the same builder has cranked out a series of beetles, each one on its own stand. They resemble trophies that can be won for “Best Bug That Ever Bugged.”


I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that the Botanical sets are the best line LEGO has come up with in recent years and now with the addition of the new Insect Collection, I’m hoping for more of those in the future. If you are as gaga as I am over insects and botanicals as I am, then click the little blue links to marvel at what others have built.

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