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This Collection Will Make Your Skin Crawl!!!

Afraid of bugs? Well, Sean and Steph Mayo aka Siercon and Coral have built some spectacular insects and you don’t have to worry about them crawling all over you. And, if you are not freaked out, check out the great building techniques used to create the superb detail in these creations.

There are 10 total and each with amazing detail. Check out their photo set to see them all.

LEGO entomology

I’m more into etymology than entomology, but I can still appreciate these lovely bugs by Peter Fendrik (pupipupi).

LEGO insect collection

Check out the full photoset on Flickr for shots of the individual bugs in their beautiful black boxes. (This last sentence was brought to you by the letter B.)

Via The Living Brick.

Walking stick battle bug

The battle bugs theme has spawned some unique insect-based mechas. This stick insect inspired battle bug by Jordan Schwartz is among one of the more novel species in its class. The creation is as fragile as it looks, and I’m afraid it may collapse if I stare too hard at it. Nevertheless it is armed with three ventral rockets and one on the tail.


A very small insect, megasized by Jerac:

Take a closer look, if you’re not an insectophobe, and note the lovely antennae and the construction techniques Jerac used on the feet. Very nice.