Keeping score on the Andean Quipu

One of the benefits of being a TBB contributor (besides limited use of the headquarters hot tub) is you learn new things about the world. Take this rather unconventional LEGO creation by Mattia Careddu for example. Is it the newest trend on the catwalk? Or is it some sort of facehugger monster? It turns out, it’s an Andean Quipu, a device, according to the internet, used for recording everything from tax information to land ownership to census records to military organization during the time of the Inka Empire. Highly specialized Quipu readers were even hired to read the complex series of fiber and knots in order to settle court cases. The only thing I can decipher from this particular LEGO creation is that someone can tie a sweet figure-eight knot. However, a skilled reader would surmise that I probably shouldn’t have claimed my dogs as dependants on my taxes. Also, I’ve been denied access to the TBB hot tub.

Andean Quipu

3 comments on “Keeping score on the Andean Quipu

  1. hntrains

    It is an unusual build, by all means. That is why we are spending time on it right now – if only to wonder why would anyone think this needed building. Actually, it makes more sense, in a way, than many sets released or proposed.

    P.S. “according to the internet”!! Everything on the Internet is there because of a human, who created it and shared it; your source, therefore, must be mentioned, credit given to the one who bothered to write about that particular part of the world, the people living there, and their customs.

    P.P.S. No real loss, that of access to the TBB hot tub: who knows what sheds from people’s skins in such public places! Or oozes from their mouths or noses! Or what is shared through peeing and farting! (Anything left out?)

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