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Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect.

This LEGO creation by Omar R Ovalle is not the first we’ve seen from The Book of Boba Fett lately. Not by a long shot. Unless you’ve been slowly digesting in a Sarlacс pit these past couple of months you’d know the pivotal series on Disney+ is one of the most talked about streaming shows currently. (You were hot, Bridgerton, but not Boba Fett hot!) Anyway, the point I was trying to make is we’ve seen plenty of Fett stuff but rarely do we see anything in this scale. Omar has taken the official Boba Fett Buildable Figure set but customized it to fit the series in which Boba combines his old armor with garb given to him by Tusken Raiders. Beside him is a very convincing Fennec Shand whom I think (but don’t quote me) is a repurposed Rey figure. The throne in which they sit and the arch behind them is nothing short of brilliant.

Boba & Co.

This is one cool CAT

There’s something extra cool about LEGO creations that could easily double for high-end action figures. Omar R Ovalle knows just how to deliver that sort of build, as seen here in CAT. Part of their “Space Monkey and the Astronuts” theme, this is one heavy duty worker. There are a lot of clever tricks in play here, but one you might not expect is the use of black electrical tape to bypass sourcing some hard to find LEGO elements. Personally, that just feels like a smart extension of custom sticker use, which is also used here to great effect.


Omar cites Marco Marozzi as a source of inspiration for this creation. You can certainly see the influence when you look at some of Marco’s featured builds.  How about you? Inspired? What sort of mech do you want to build today?

Suit-able for most any environment

If you have to go outside your spaceship or your undersea base, you need a hardsuit that can take the pressure, like this one by Omar R Ovalle. It’s built to fit a constraction figure like Rey, who looks like she can rock any salvage mission in style.

Hardsuit Deep Space

But our favorite scavenger is not the only Star Wars character to get their own fancy suit of power armor. Jyn Erso is sporting a pretty neat deep-sea diving suit.

Hardsuit Diver