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Designed with a single purpose – to destroy Imperial ships

Inthert has put his talent for building outstanding copies of Star Wars spacecrafts to good use with another brilliant model to help the rebels fight the Imperial forces. As the builder comments his own creation, the biggest challenge during the work on this B-wing was the problem with proportions; it’s so easy to ruin the build with just one extra plate or a tile. Fortunately, the result is beyond any compliments.

B-wing (1)

This starfighter’s design is terribly good

Designing a starfighter is fairly easy. Designing an outstanding starfighter is, well… a bit harder. Finally we may have a universal recipe for that, courtesy of Cole Blaq. Take out your notepads and write down the ingredients:

– One half of a B-Wing base (choose a firm one, not wilted)
– Two X-wing engine modules (not too big)
– One slung-under TIE fighter cockpit (the juicier the better)
– If desired, one small Star Destroyer laser battery
– A pinch of creativity

Combine well, and freeze on Hoth for 60 minutes. Then serve cold. Sprinkle servings with a pinch of astro-droids.