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Impressively detailed “Ugly Duckling” Long Range Research Vessel is over 4 feet long

Years in the making, Blake Foster presents one of the finest examples of LEGO spacecraft masterwork with the Ugly Duckling Long Range Research Vessel. It’s a rare achievement; it boasts impressive measurements at 168 studs long, 47 studs wide, and 45 studs high (approximately 52.5×14.5×14 inches), yet its size doesn’t prevent Blake from carefully considering every stud on his craft inside and out.

Ugly Duckling Long Range Research Vessel

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Random Octangent

I’m not sure what got into him, but .Jake jumped up and built himself a SHIP. The Random Octangent is truly unlike any large-scale spacecraft I’ve seen, mostly because the builder has thoughtfully included a full-service gas station welded to the top. The fuselage faintly echoes the collected works of Mike Yoder, but with Jake’s own asymmetric spin on the design and a classic livery from everyone’s favorite petro-chemical company. If you’re a fan of a good SHIP, take the time to check out the full set, especially the rear end.

Random Octangent

See…I like British Sci-Fi. Dr. Whooligans!