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Penelope’s Friendly Viper

What do you build when your sister asks you to play with her LEGO? I’d say a Disney castle or a fantasy adventure diorama. But according to Frost, sister’s bricks are perfect for building a Vic Viper or two. Obviously, for her favorite characters, like Penelope. I like this one for its shape and glowing coral color, which looks amazing with open space in the back. Even such a simple Vic Viper got a couple of nice piece combinations, like the tiny bow and arch pieces on the tip of the wings.

Penelope's Friendly Viper

A Vic Viper that looks carved from wood.

We’ve seen a wide variety of Vic Viper themes recently: Ice Planet, Fire Fighter, Mazinger. But this Viper that reminds me of my parents’ 1970s living room décor is maybe the most surprising one of all. F@bz used at least 60 decorative spiral bricks to create a ship that feels like a handcrafted piece of carpentry. The motif is further accentuated by the arch pieces used for the wings and the pearl gold elements that feel like brass fittings. It’s a ship that would make Nick Offerman proud.

VV Majalis (01)

Nostalgic Vic Viper

What happens when you change up the position of the components of a classic Vic Viper? You’ll end up with a Pasukaru Viper! Pascal decided to step away from the classic Vic Viper rules and changed the location of the twin-pronged fuselage. Rotating them changes the silhouette of the Vic Viper and adds a new flavor to the beloved spacecraft. The usage of the octagonal squiggle brick adds a nice touch to the vehicle. The primary colours of this vehicle somehow remind me of the plastic toys you would get at fast-food chain restaurants during the ’90s. Which for me is a ticket straight to memory lane. The fact that these colours come from the classic LEGO themes Aquanauts and Aquasharks is another reason to hop on that nostalgia bus.

Sharktron Eviscerator

One laid-back Viper

Anime-inspired color schemes and NoVVember are two great tastes that go great together, and Shannon Sproule is a master of that delicious combo. This classic red and white body gets some pops of yellow color with an exciting pod-cockpit design. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few odd choices made in the Powerful Owl Viper, though.  In Shannon’s own words, “The prone pilot position is of course rather silly, but there you go.”

NoVVember Powerful Owl Viper

Are you enjoying the yearly onslaught of Vic Vipers? How do you think they compare to previous Novvembers?

VVery nice ice

The LEGO fan community is filled with various builder-driven challenges and monthly themes. One of the most popular challenges for space builders is Novvember, wherein builders use the month to recreate the Vic Viper from Gradius with their own twists. If you’ve been following us here on The Brothers Brick for long, you’ll no doubt have seen a fair handful already. This version by Pascal gives it the Ice Planet makeover, with an opaque windscreen and blocky but studless angles.


The color technology

According to the picture description by Pascal, this Vic Viper has to do something with secret spacecraft technologies. To my surprise, a close look at the build didn’t reveal any hyperdrives, wires, tubes, laser guns, or force shields. I mean, all of these are probably there, but this build looks more like a piece of concept art. It takes LEGO bricks’ geometry to the extreme with elementary shapes. Ultimately it’s the color accents that make the whole thing stand out. Simple and bold!

XenoTech Stinger

Returning to normal, piece by piece

Building within the LEGO community means so many things to each person. Young and old, we all have a heartfelt connection with this iconic building block system, and those around us often can’t help but see it. Our connection with those who celebrate and support us in our hobby is deep and strong. So when we lose it, it can be hard to look at things the same way. Builder Jason Corlett recently lost his mother, his proudest and biggest fan, to illness. As our hearts go out to him and his family, he shows us that the spirit of building can serve to heal with this Green Machine Vic Viper. Though he knows life won’t be the same without her, I believe his mission to continue to make her proud with surely succeed.

Green Machine VV

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Mazingering into NoVVember

The twin-forked Vic Vipers are back, and Shannon Sproule joins this year’s November fleet with an amazing Mazinger-inspired craft. The bold color choices make for a great retro feel, but the real treat is that golden canopy – a custom part created by using a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen on the existing LEGO element. There’s also the subtle choice to use “classic grey” 2×2 round brick in the front forks as a color variation. What a great mix of the old and new!

NoVVember Doku No Uta (Poison Song) Viper

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Vic Viper Firefighters

After a slightly long hiatus, I’m finally back with a build of my own. I’ve been working with The Brothers Brick since May, so some of you might be familiar with the name Chris Burden from my articles. But prior to joining the team, I was known mainly by my Instagram handle, @Benny_burd. It’s taken me a year to get to it but I finally have proper photos of my Vic Viper from last year. This fire-fighting craft is commonly seen in ports, responding to engine failures or collisions. These beefy platforms can provide support to the Coast Guard, Navy, and Orbital forces for rescue missions or forest fire suppression. Strong forks armed with water cannons extend out from a bulky body. Perched atop the main engine section, a break-away glider houses the main pilot of the vessel sandwiched between two more water cannons. The wings are adjustable for optimal atmospheric travel while fixed tailfins extend out above the engines.

Firefighting Vic Viper

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Let your livery do the talking

You may hate stickers, but, oh boy, you should never underestimate them. With his latest vic viper, Huw Gwilliam shows us a masterclass in giving a spaceship a classy outfit. Since it’s a render, I’m happy to see Huw not being limited by the shapes and colors of the livery. It’s amazing how much volume do the stickers add to the build, making it much more complicated than the pieces could on the same scale.

Octovver Viper 1 ; Melodyne Systems GnnAT

A Vic Viper worthy of royalty

Oh, the depths of space have so much to offer. As vast as the human imagination itself, nothing tickles my soul more than a great spaceship, especially one built from LEGO. Seeing how builders mold their abstract forms, creating engaging structures and silhouettes under the constrictions and limits of the LEGO system, builds a sense of absolute awe. Gaming fans of the modern era can escape into any number of epic worlds from Mass Effect to No Man Sky or the vast realms of Homeworld, EVE, or Star Citizen. As such, there is a wealth of designs that inspire wonderful builders around the world. This model was built by Carter Baldwin as a homage to a Hiigaran ship from Homeworld 2, but he diverged a bit from the original design. Take a look at the Imperial Interceptor, a marvelous Vic Viper for the Royal House of Sol. The stand-out color blocking achieved in this model depends greatly on the triangular tiles that hug the sharp edges of the ship’s body and wings. Contrasting the dark blue slopes and tiles, the gold gives the ship an eye-catching allure worthy of royalty.

Imperial Interceptor
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Thanksgiving and NoVVember- two great times for leftovers!

Wami Delthorne: better late than never! Wami’s most recent creation is not the only time-displaced Vic Viper variant we’ve seen since November ended, but its striking color scheme is sure to leave an imprint. The red color striping inset from the edge of the wings is a slick touch achieved with old style finger hinges that allow for more cleaner angles than the current plates with bars+clips. The open studs on the old hinges also allow for more offsets, allowing the colors to tightly wrap around the wings.

Vic Viper 2020