The gold standard of spaceships

Back with another astounding LEGO spaceship, Nick Trotta has proved once again that he is the master of his (space) craft. His latest build, titled Interference 3V is a variation on the classic Vic Viper shaping with a few added flairs to keep it unique. Like all of his spaceships, Nick’s latest build is remarkable from a distance. The complex angles and gorgeous color blocking are defining features.

Interference 3V

But where it really shines is when viewed up close. Zoom in to find all of the features built into this model!. From the incorporation of chromed elements to the multiple cockpit elements used to seamlessly create one larger one, to the three different colors of yellow pieces making up the unique striping on the fuselage, each one is more complex and impressive than the last. Heck, even the stand is worth mentioning! I could talk for hours about everything that makes up this model but I will let you discover it for yourself. Prepare to be lost for hours and be inspired by this masterpiece.

Interference 3V: Cockpit

And here’s another view.

Interference 3V: Details