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A Classic Space swoosh and a slam dunk!

Swooshable is a word thrown around in the LEGO community that means the model is easily picked up and swooshed around the room without parts breaking off and probably while making fun spaceship noises. Don’t act like you haven’t done it! Martin.with.bricks gets extra kudos points from us for not only making this craft look awesome but also highly “swooshable.” The two are not always obtainable together. I mean; go ahead and try to swoosh your Hulkbuster set around the room and see what happens. Martin tells us the white with orange trim is his favorite color scheme and I’m inclined to think it’s mine too. Maybe it’s time to dust off my white leisure suit with orange belt and platform shoes. While you’re soaking in that mouth-watering visual check out our Martin.with.bricks archives for s’more LEGO goodness.

LEGO Spaceship! Totally swooshable!

A keetchee-a buoild zeet vill meke-a yuou sey ‘Bork Bork Bork!’

We recently covered an impressive Muppet Labs build by martin.with.bricks. And now it’s time to light the lights on the Swedish Chef’s kitchen. Poor Camilla is about to get turned into a serving of “Chickie in the Basket” unless something in that kitchen eats the Chef first. Martin’s perfectly captured the set from the original The Muppet Show, with lots of round tiles replicating the unique wall paper, and all the shelving and kitchenware that the Chef used to cause his culinary mayhem.

Muppets - Swedish Chef

All that glitters is cottage cheese

For centuries, scientists have labored in vain trying to turn lead into gold. Builder martin.with.bricks remembers the next best thing – Just turn gold into cottage cheese instead! And thanks to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his lab assistant Beaker, today we can do just that. In this lovely tribute, Martin has recreated the classic Muppet Labs, complete with a variety of equipment, technical readouts, and a big set of windows to open in case of fire. (Like that ever happens in Muppet Labs…) I like how just the shape of some of the LEGO elements is enough to transform them into science-ready glassware. Those “minifigure action pose” 1×1 modified plates in the foreground feel right at home, as does that 1×1 with center bar in the background. It’s a set up for comedy gold cottage cheese all right.

Muppet Labs - Where the future is being made today!

If you don’t remember this particular experiment, we have you covered thanks to a handy YouTube link. It’s also worth a look!

Check out this great entry from our archives if you prefer your Muppet scientists brick-built!

Thinking outside the box can take you out of this world

The LEGO VIDIYO line has introduced some notably interesting minifigure DJs and a ton of printed tiles, or BeatBits, that interact with the accompanying music video creation app. As far as parts go, we’ll see what the future VIDIYO sets hold for us, but for now, we have the BeatBoxes. They’re curved cubes with clear bodies that attach to a large, 8×8 modified brick. Inside, a special element holds two hinged plates that display the BeatBits and a fixed horizontal stand for the minifigure. Recently these elements have gained some popularity and builders are showing off what they can do with them. Builder martin.with.bricks elevated his BeatBox out of this world, cleverly using it as the cockpit for a spaceship dubbed the VIDI-1. Bricks are stacked in various orientations to attach to the cube element and wrap around it. The lime green of the BeatBox base is accented by patterns built into the wings as well as vents on the sides and guns on top.


Inside the clear section of the BeatBox, Martin has used brackets, clips, and rounded 2×1 plates to create a seat, display, and controls for the Alien DJ. Representing “Extra Terrestrial Dance Music” according to the promotional images, this is a great minifigure design from the VIDIYO line. Continue reading