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Here’s some LEGO Muppets, but the question is, what is a mahna-mahna?

You know those LEGO builds that you see and get a song stuck in your head? Well, this one from j-p-30 will either look like a fever dream, or will have you going “mahna-mahna” periodically all day. It’s the instantly recognisable Snowths with Mahna-Mahna himself (yes, that is his name, canonically) front and centre. You know, as usual. The characters all have the mad genius of Jim Henson’s puppets in evidence and look very lifelike. The use of leaves in both sets of characters is perfect for their fuzzy features, and the clam for Mahna-Mahna’s big mouth is inspired!


j-p-30’s flair for LEGO muppets doesn’t stop there. The use of a sharpie does help with some of the character’s distinctive features, such as Kermit’s eyes. How good is his slightly miffed “:3” expression here though? It’s a perfect representation of the way the puppets would deform under the puppeteers’ hand.


It’s time to knight the knights

LEGO builder gGh0st has crafted a medieval market full of Muppet mayhem. All 12 of the Muppet Collectible Minifigures have traveled into the past for a chaotic romp in the Middle Ages. It might take some time to spot them all, but as your eyes search the scene, you’ll have the joy of taking in all the wonderful build work on the various castles and taverns and such – from the ingots used as bricks, to the drum kit made from food in the market. But maybe avert your eyes when you get to that guillotine…it’s like a kind of torture to have to watch that show.

The Muppets in the Middle Ages

All that glitters is cottage cheese

For centuries, scientists have labored in vain trying to turn lead into gold. Builder martin.with.bricks remembers the next best thing – Just turn gold into cottage cheese instead! And thanks to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his lab assistant Beaker, today we can do just that. In this lovely tribute, Martin has recreated the classic Muppet Labs, complete with a variety of equipment, technical readouts, and a big set of windows to open in case of fire. (Like that ever happens in Muppet Labs…) I like how just the shape of some of the LEGO elements is enough to transform them into science-ready glassware. Those “minifigure action pose” 1×1 modified plates in the foreground feel right at home, as does that 1×1 with center bar in the background. It’s a set up for comedy gold cottage cheese all right.

Muppet Labs - Where the future is being made today!

If you don’t remember this particular experiment, we have you covered thanks to a handy YouTube link. It’s also worth a look!

Check out this great entry from our archives if you prefer your Muppet scientists brick-built!

LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71033 The Muppets [Review]

When The Muppet Show debuted in 1976, it was an unconventional piece of television, to say the least. And it was also a near-instant hit. The weekly struggle of Kermit the Frog trying to put on a variety show with the help of a human guest star (and a plethora of bears, pigs, dogs, weirdos, and monsters) would go on to become the biggest TV program in the world. The show came to an end in 1981, with the Muppet gang arguably at the height of their popularity, and the Muppets would continue to delight audiences in TV specials and on movie screens for decades to come. Nowadays, new Muppet content is sparser than it used to be. But you can’t keep a good frog down. LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71033 The Muppets brings Kermit and 11 of his closest friends back together for a most sensational, inspirational, celebrational good time. These blind-bag figures will be available starting May 1, 2022, and will retail for US $4.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.49

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Without further ado, it’s time to meet the Muppets.

LEGO Muppet Collectible Minifigures revealed [News]

The long-awaited and actively discussed Muppets Collectible Minifigure series is finally unveiled online on LEGO’s official social feeds. Consisting of 12 characters, the series will hit shelves on May 1.

As usual, watch out for our review of the new minifigures here on The Brothers Brick. For now, LEGO has only shared first promo images, with high-quality product images to follow.

Check out more info and pictures of the new figures below, and don’t miss these other upcoming LEGO sets for Spring and Summer 2022:

Check out all the minifigures!

Animal: a hurricane of rhythm

Using only 101 parts, Mark van der Maarel has produced his version of everyone’s favorite drummer, and it absolutely rocks! I don’t know if I’ve seen someone evoke Muppet fur with so few LEGO pieces before. And his part usage skills go well beyond the feather plumes. The sausages as fingers, the elastic bands on Animal’s wrists, even the choice of the bulbous eye pieces are spot-on. Contrasting that with the clean lines of a black T-shirt, it definitely evokes the controlled chaos that is Animal playing his drums.


The Muppet Show or bust

For me, The Muppet Show was the perfect in-between show for those in-between years. It wasn’t quite a cartoon, and it wasn’t quite as boring as those serious shows the grownups watched. It came on in the evening, so you felt just a little bit grownup watching it without going into Murder, She Wrote territory. A LEGO builder who goes by the name j-p-30 his us right in the between childhood and adulthood feels with these three clever busts of some of our favorite Muppet friends. We have poor Beaker, whose scientific experiments tend to end in fiery calamity. Gonzo was the weird bendy-nosed Muppet Show pianist, and the less said about Animal’s outrageous antics, the better. All together, you’ve got the makings of a trio that could make us giggle even if Trapper John M.D. was totally your jam. Well done, Mr. j-p-30!

[MOC] Muppet Show Favourites

C is for Seed Part. You know, phonetically.

The Iron Builder competition is based around taking an unusual LEGO “seed part” and incorporating in into amazing creations. brickleas is an expert at this craft, taking a huge pile of 100 blue  Large Figure Part Shield Holder with Axle pieces and transforming them into Sesame Street’s own Cookie Monster. The texture of the shield elements does an amazing job of standing in for Cookie’s fur, but the techniques that create the black puppet-mouth and googly eyes are just as impressive. Even that chocolate chip cookie manages to look delicious somehow.

Seed Part Monster

When I reviewed 21324 LEGO Ideas Sesame Street, I had a few reservations about the look of the Cookie Monster minifigure, and it does my heart good to see him done justice here. If you’re a fan of Sesame Street, too, then check out some of our other featured creations starring more Muppet friends!

LEGO Ideas’ newest set 123 Sesame Street (21324) takes you back to your childhood [News]

The latest set to come from LEGO’s crowdsourcing platform LEGO Ideas is one that’s sure to take you down memory lane. 123 Sesame Street (21324) captures a piece of the famous children’s show with a block of New York City populated with a variety of its most beloved characters. The 1,367-piece set includes Bert, Ernie, Grouch, Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster, and locations such as Hooper’s Store, Bert and Ernie’s apartment, Elmo’s room, and Big Bird’s nest. The set will retail for US $119.99 | CAN $149.99 | UK £109.99 and will be available from LEGO starting Nov. 1. Be sure to check out our full, hands-on review of the LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street (21324) published earlier today.

Click to see more images and read the full press release

Come and Play! LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street (21324) [Review]

If you were lucky, part of your pre-school experience was spending quality time learning from the humans and fuzzy monsters on Sesame Street. If you’re like me, you found a friend in Cookie Monster, sang along with Ernie and Bert, and wished you could take a nap in Big Bird’s nest. If you’re younger than me, then you might have spent time in Elmo’s world. No matter your age, they were good times, to be sure. The latest Ideas set from LEGO, 123 Sesame Street (21324), gives us a new chance to revisit old friends, and maybe make some new ones along the way. This 1,368-piece set will be available directly from LEGO.com and from LEGO stores starting November 1 for US $119.99 | CAN $149.99 | UK £109.99. The Brothers Brick was sent an early copy to review, and we’re eager to explore it with you. So come along, and let’s see who are the people in your neighborhood!

Click to read the full hands-on review

It’s time to play the music with this amazing animatronic LEGO Muppet Show [Video]

One glance at this amazing LEGO Muppet creation by Andreas Keinbart and I can already hear Beaker frantically meep-meep-meeping. Based on the recurring Veterinarian’s Hospital setting from The Muppet Show, the huge multi-level motorized diorama features many of the beloved Muppet characters in brick form. Up top in the lab are Dr. Bunsen and Beaker, with Sweetums coyly hiding in the back.


Incredibly, many of the characters are animated with LEGO gears and motors. Beaker’s mouth, of course, opens and closes, and Sweetums peaks in then goes back into hiding.

Down below in the operating room are Dr. Bob (aka Rowlf), Nurse Piggy, and Nurse Janice, along with their patients, a rabbit, a chicken, and Baskerville the Hound. Continue reading