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LEGO clarifies the future of VIDIYO in a official statement [News]

Yesterday, a number of LEGO fan blogs reported the cancelation of the LEGO VIDIYO theme. To avoid a lack of understanding, the LEGO Group immediately shared an official statement regarding the future of its latest product lines. According to the statement, the new sets will see the light no earlier than 2023, with some new ideas and concepts to test in 2022.

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LEGO Vidiyo reveals 8 new sets for summer 2021, including Bandmates Series 2 [News]

LEGO has taken the wraps off the next wave of LEGO Vidiyo sets, revealing this summer’s lineup will contain eight new sets. The sets will include a new wave of Bandmates blind pack minifigures, several new beatboxes, and a variety of larger sets such as 43114 Punk Pirate Ship or the range-topping 43115 The Boombox stage which retails for $99.99 USD and includes nearly 1,000 pieces. LEGO Vidiyo sets first launched earlier this year, and the sets integrate with an app, letting users arrange random, collectible BeatBit tiles that provide a unique musical effect to create music videos. With the addition of the new sets, the total number of BeatBit tiles in the Vidiyo theme expands to 134. The new sets will be available starting June 1.

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LEGO VIDIYO sets are officially revealed [News]

Today, LEGO announced the first wave of brand new VIDIYO sets. The new press release gives more details about what we learned from the initial announcement, as well as introduced new types of products. The new LEGO VIDIYO is all about three things: BeatBoxes, Bandmates, and BeatBits. The first wave, which is slated for March 1, will include six unique portable BeatBoxes that each hold a minifigure representing a specific music genre. The colorful tiles included in each BeatBox, are called BeatBits; you’ll find two special BeatBits and 14 random BeatBits in each BeatBox. Besides the six BeatBoxes, the series will include 12 Bandmates to collect.

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The LEGO Group collaborates with Universal Music to bring VIDIYO — a brand new line of music-inspired engagement with LEGO play [News]

Unveiled today, the new LEGO VIDIYO products are the result of a partnership between the LEGO Group and Universal Music Group, which was announced last April. The new sets promise an “innovative music video maker experience,” meaning LEGO is making new attempts to include smart devices into play. According to the press release, the new theme is aimed at kids aged 7-10 who are keen explorers of play and music. LEGO also guarantees a safe virtual environment for young content creators.

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