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100 studs? B.E.A.T. that!

LEGO’s Vidiyo theme may not have lasted terribly long on shelves, but it certainly left a big impression on builders. Julie van der Meulen has repaid that favour in a big way too – a seriously huge way, in fact! This Seriously Huge Investment in Parts (SHIP) isn’t a sprawling research station, or a space-faring man-o-war – it’s apparently owned by a DJ whose only purpose is to travel the stars giving free concerts. It looks resplendent in a typically Vidiyo colour scheme, with black, coral red, aqua, and everyone’s favourite, teal. Best of all, it has a backronym name that suits it down to the ground – the Big Engine Auxiliary Tug, or B.E.A.T. Vidiyo may be no more, but it seems like it’s in safe hands in the LEGO community!

SHIPtember 2022: B.E.A.T. 82

This rover has some sweet rims, bro!

Get ready to lapse into a diabetic coma because this new LEGO rover by Robert Heim has a sweet secret. The tires are made with six tasty sweet cupcakes found in the DOTS Creative Party Kit. With a beatbox from the VIDIYO line used as the cockpit, Robert is having a creative party indeed.

Spaceport Fire Rover

This alternate view shows the guns aimed and ready to shoot sweet sugary goodness directly into your piehole. That reminds me, I could use a snack! While I raid the cupboard for some confectionary treats, click the little blue link to see the other awesome and sometimes unusual rovers featured this Febrovery.

Spaceport Fire Rover

This LEGO crane machine is a clear winner.

Builder alego alego has constructed an ode to my childhood nemesis – the crane machine. Billed as a game of skill, these nefarious scam contraptions have parted many a quarter from my hands. The main focus of the build is obviously the repurposing of the Vidiyo box element, but it’s all the little details that bring back the painful memories of so many futile win attempts. The coin slot and return, the arrows indicating which direction the joysticks go, the opening where the lucky few can retrieve their prize. And the repurposing of a minifigure whisk as the claw element deserves a chef’s kiss. Now, does anybody have change for a five? I’m gonna get me one of those rubber ducks.

clamp machine

Vidiyo jealousy

Sometimes a LEGO theme just doesn’t spark your interest. For me, this happened with the Vidiyo theme. Sure I noticed a couple of nice minifigure parts, but for me it just wasn’t enough to hop on the Vidiyo express. Aurore however did not skip on the Vidiyo sets and they show this off in their latest creation. We can spot parts from the Dragon Guitarist and the Flying Unicorn Singer had to sacrifice its wings for a figure in this creation. Now that we are talking about Aurore, their minifigures are always spot on. I am convinced that they put at least the same amount of time and effort into putting the figures to go with a creation together as is spent on the creation itself. Check out their profile and see for yourself!

[Brickcentral] Arkax' Carnival Costumes

Small first step for man

Space is not my theme. There I’ve said it. But this little LEGO space build by Dan Ko is so cute that I can not not write about it. The LEGO baby got released in 2016 and redesigned in 2017. The little baby is displayed in the center of this lovely build but it is not the highlight of this creation for me. The use of the Vidiyo handle strapV is what sets this creation apart in my honest opinion. Sure the use of the toy winder key as treads is quite ingenious. I am, however, always amazed when a builder manages to use a LEGO part that is not directly compatible with the system bricks. It goes along great with the 6×6 dish with handlebars to create a round cabin for the little space rover. Making the cabin almost completely see-through sounds like an amazing plan when you want to discover your surroundings.

First Steps

This fighter is both smooth and chunky

The new LEGO Vidiyo theme may not be the most popular among adult builders, but it has certainly introduced builders to some unusual large but potentially versatile parts. In Tom Loftus’s own words, every part is a spaceship part, which he set out to prove, and did quite a top-notch job. This fighter is built around the lime-green base from the pods that serve as the central element of each set.


The grooves designed to fit extra tiles make great cooling vents, and just to show that this chunky fighter can also pour on the speed, there are plenty of thrusters squeezed on to the backs of each engine pod.


Some new pieces are doing the heavy-lifting.

The release of new LEGO themes often means new parts to play with, and the new VIDIYO theme has offered up some especially interesting new pieces for builders to find uses for. One of my favorite examples of this is the 4-D1 Heavy Cargo Lifter – ‘The Ant’ by Tom Loftus (Inthert). This tiny little ship makes use of two of the new VIDIYO box back pieces to create a flatbed for large cargo.

4-D1 Heavy Cargo Lifter - 'The Ant'

The box back is equal parts plate, bracket, and hinge, which makes it an ideal framework for a unique spacecraft like this. Below the flatbed, the rest of the ship is just barely larger than its single pilot cockpit, which really gives the impression that this craft lives up to its namesake – a tiny critter capable of lugging several times its own weight around.

Research station amid a vibrant reef

Working with a new part can be a challenge. Finding how they fit into the system can lead to surprises and disappointments. Ultimately, dedicated builders like Tom Loftus find a way. Armed with tons of teal from the Ninjago Jungle Dragon and challenged to examine the functionality of the transparent VIDIYO Canopy (as he calls it), Tom found himself under the sea at this Reef Station. He gave me some insight into some of the extra pieces he worked into the model, including finally making use of the drone elements introduced last year.

Reef Station

Read on to see more of the details in this colorful underwater scene

Thinking outside the box can take you out of this world

The LEGO VIDIYO line has introduced some notably interesting minifigure DJs and a ton of printed tiles, or BeatBits, that interact with the accompanying music video creation app. As far as parts go, we’ll see what the future VIDIYO sets hold for us, but for now, we have the BeatBoxes. They’re curved cubes with clear bodies that attach to a large, 8×8 modified brick. Inside, a special element holds two hinged plates that display the BeatBits and a fixed horizontal stand for the minifigure. Recently these elements have gained some popularity and builders are showing off what they can do with them. Builder martin.with.bricks elevated his BeatBox out of this world, cleverly using it as the cockpit for a spaceship dubbed the VIDI-1. Bricks are stacked in various orientations to attach to the cube element and wrap around it. The lime green of the BeatBox base is accented by patterns built into the wings as well as vents on the sides and guns on top.


Inside the clear section of the BeatBox, Martin has used brackets, clips, and rounded 2×1 plates to create a seat, display, and controls for the Alien DJ. Representing “Extra Terrestrial Dance Music” according to the promotional images, this is a great minifigure design from the VIDIYO line. Continue reading

LEGO clarifies the future of VIDIYO in a official statement [News]

Yesterday, a number of LEGO fan blogs reported the cancelation of the LEGO VIDIYO theme. To avoid a lack of understanding, the LEGO Group immediately shared an official statement regarding the future of its latest product lines. According to the statement, the new sets will see the light no earlier than 2023, with some new ideas and concepts to test in 2022.

Click here to read the full statement about the future of LEGO VIDIYO

LEGO Vidiyo reveals 8 new sets for summer 2021, including Bandmates Series 2 [News]

LEGO has taken the wraps off the next wave of LEGO Vidiyo sets, revealing this summer’s lineup will contain eight new sets. The sets will include a new wave of Bandmates blind pack minifigures, several new beatboxes, and a variety of larger sets such as 43114 Punk Pirate Ship or the range-topping 43115 The Boombox stage which retails for $99.99 USD and includes nearly 1,000 pieces. LEGO Vidiyo sets first launched earlier this year, and the sets integrate with an app, letting users arrange random, collectible BeatBit tiles that provide a unique musical effect to create music videos. With the addition of the new sets, the total number of BeatBit tiles in the Vidiyo theme expands to 134. The new sets will be available starting June 1.

Click to see all of the new sets

LEGO VIDIYO sets are officially revealed [News]

Today, LEGO announced the first wave of brand new VIDIYO sets. The new press release gives more details about what we learned from the initial announcement, as well as introduced new types of products. The new LEGO VIDIYO is all about three things: BeatBoxes, Bandmates, and BeatBits. The first wave, which is slated for March 1, will include six unique portable BeatBoxes that each hold a minifigure representing a specific music genre. The colorful tiles included in each BeatBox, are called BeatBits; you’ll find two special BeatBits and 14 random BeatBits in each BeatBox. Besides the six BeatBoxes, the series will include 12 Bandmates to collect.

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