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A cup of space coffee, to go

It is always a treat to find a LEGO model that uses a non-traditional “element” such as this spaceship by Robert Heim that features a LEGO brand coffee cup in the shape of the Minifig-sized cup (the model includes 4 of those as well). The landing gear is also quite an interesting look, propping the ship up on a base built around the handle. LEGO products are made to such precise standards that a curved elements fits the shape of the handle perfectly.

Mug Ship

This rover has some sweet rims, bro!

Get ready to lapse into a diabetic coma because this new LEGO rover by Robert Heim has a sweet secret. The tires are made with six tasty sweet cupcakes found in the DOTS Creative Party Kit. With a beatbox from the VIDIYO line used as the cockpit, Robert is having a creative party indeed.

Spaceport Fire Rover

This alternate view shows the guns aimed and ready to shoot sweet sugary goodness directly into your piehole. That reminds me, I could use a snack! While I raid the cupboard for some confectionary treats, click the little blue link to see the other awesome and sometimes unusual rovers featured this Febrovery.

Spaceport Fire Rover

What’s black and white and rad all over?

Sometimes a single piece can cause the imagination to snowball. LEGO designer Robert Heim wanted to build something with the trans-purple canopy that debuted in the Pop-Up Party Bus from The Lego Movie 2. But all he knew for sure was he wanted to make a space rover with it. That led him to design a semi-truck configuration. And the trailer had to haul something, right? Which meant he had to build a rocket…and thus, the “ORCA” rover was complete.

Rocket Transport Rover "ORCA"

Flatbed trailers can understandably sometimes be a little visually uninteresting, but Robert’s combated this by including some great detail on the undercarriage, including ray guns acting as suspension on each wheel. But let’s not overlook the cargo. The angled thrusters nestled between hot air balloon shells make the rocket a stand-out build all on its own. The fact that it can be hauled into launch position by such a cool-looking rover is icing on the cake.

Rocket Transport Rover "ORCA"