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Teddy Spacepants enjoys the moon in his new rover

LEGO builder Tommy Frost tells us that R is for Rover and according to the very limited research I did just now that checks out. I didn’t really bother to fact-check that because The New York Times we are not. But while we’re here, let us admire the awesomeness that is this rover. I love the camber of the oversized tires and that color scheme is the bee’s knees. Tommy also tells us that he’ll be building a rover every day this FebRovery so that will ensure job security for us, entertainment for you and the continuing adventures of Teddy Spacepants will grease the wheels of this here machine we call The Brothers Brick. Or something. I don’t really know how the internet works. Anyway, hit up our archives to see the other times Tommy Frost had greased up our spacepants.

R is for Rover

Red rover, red rover, please don’t run me over

Febrovery, that most-wonderful of LEGO theme-building months, is over, too soon, if you ask me. But never fear, there are still plenty of quality rovers roving through the vastness of the interwebs. Like this big boy from alego alego which just might feature the most unique windscreen pieces on a single vehicle. And everyone knows that you can’t build a quality rover without fat suspensions to overcome any troublesome interstellar landscape. And if you even try to throw shade on this beefy rover, there’s a heavy cannon shell with your name on it.


Rovin’, rovin’, rovin’. Keep them doggies rovin’...

Although Febrovary has drawn to a close, there’s no reason you can’t start prepping for next year. Tommy Frost brings us Ted’s Custom Rovers, a small business ready to help you arrive to next year’s party in style. Maybe take a test drive in this custom ride with Classic Space yellows and blues, along with a unique style of wheel treads. Those inverted transparent-blue radar dishes kind of remind me of suction cups. Maybe this rover climbs walls? I’m sure the low gravity conditions make that a tad easier.

FebRovery 2022 Part 28

This rover looks great from all the angles, too. I’m particularly fond of the exhaust system and front grille work. Stylish, functional, and vaguely plausible mechanics – a real win in my book.

Ted's Custom Rovers

Is your heart still roving around? Why not let it take flight with some more Neo-classic Space goodness?

Get a load of this rover-loader

How many rovers would a rover-loader load if a rover-loader could load rovers? That’s the question that Tommy Frost asks us to consider with this delightful space forklift and the series of boxed lunar rovers that it’s got to pack onto (or off of?) a heavy-duty transport. There’s lots of whimsy packed into this scene of hard labor, from the jaunty tilt of the forklift’s roll bar to the hard-hatted foreman with a video monitor for a head. I wonder if the lower gravity makes the work go quicker. That would explain the huge smile on the forklift driver’s face.

FebRovery 2022 Part 27

Big blue Ant

Community space vehicle building challenge FebRovery 2022 has come and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to celebrate rovers. Inspired by the Classic Space color scheme and utilizing the seemingly popular Vidiyo cubes, LEGO builder Jan Woznica added a flair of futuristic character to this cargo carrier. Each wheel has working independent suspension, something Jan was rather proud of since he doesn’t really consider himself a “Technic guy.” Each of the cargo pods is also detachable so keep an eye out for any variants he might come up with in the future.

The rover is called the Ant because of the rigging around the drivers’ pod, which resembles the eyes and mouth of the little worker insect. Loaded as it is, there’s still room behind the Ant’s head to hold all the driver might need while out amongst the alien dunes and deserts. I could just see them strumming the guitar atop the blue cargo pod, night stars overhead while the greenhouse pod casts a dull glow on the sand and rock below.

Last year we awarded Jan Woznica with LEGO Creation of the Year for his Tales of the Space Age model series. Here he reminds us that he can build more than just eye-catching microscale displays. I can’t wait to see what else this year holds for him.

Theodore Q. Spacepants cares about the environment and stuff

This past month we featured a lot of LEGO space rovers because of Febrovery or something. Well, it’s now March but we’re still having plenty of fun with it. Take this awesome rover by Tommy Frost for example. With a couple of VIDIYO Boomboxes, four knobby tires, and some weird plant life, we’re whisked away to another planet, one that Theodore Q. Spacepants is happy to be a part of. You see, Theodore cares deeply about environmental issues and volunteers for the B. Good Foundation’s Spaceplant Conservation Project. he says it wasn’t really a job because he didn’t get paid but, like most things we volunteer for, it was a whole pant-load of fun. That’s pretty much how I describe my time spent here volunteering for The Brothers Brick, a pant-load of fun. Check out why we think Mr. Frost is also a pant-load of fun.

FebRovery 2022 Part 24

A rover that can handle the harshest winters

March is here and the first day of spring is just a couple of weeks away. But Ilya T. is reminding us to prep for next winter with the Ice Shredder. With its giant rotary saw on an articulated arm, the Ice Shredder is capable of turning frozen barriers into crystal clear cubes suitable for cocktails in no time. Ilya’s use of primarily blue and white, accented by trans-neon orange, pays perfect tribute to the old Ice Planet 2002 theme. And the use of garage door sections as blades is cooler than cool.

Ice Shredder

Unmasking a clever build technique

As Febrovery 2022 comes to a close, we here at the Brothers Brick Bullpen thought we had seen every variation on space rovers there was to see. But builder Scott Wilhelm had a trick up his sleeve that we weren’t expecting: a half-track rover built from a giant Bionicle mask. That’s right, the giant curved mass of dark red that you see below is the main gate from Set 8759-1 Battle of Metru Nui. Scott has cleverly crafted a minifigure cockpit on the mask’s forehead, and cramped all manner of glorious greebles into the mask’s negative space. While the mask was only ever available in one set, this rover might have the LEGO Group looking to see if they still have the mold on file.

Mobile Reactor Transport

This rover has some sweet rims, bro!

Get ready to lapse into a diabetic coma because this new LEGO rover by Robert Heim has a sweet secret. The tires are made with six tasty sweet cupcakes found in the DOTS Creative Party Kit. With a beatbox from the VIDIYO line used as the cockpit, Robert is having a creative party indeed.

Spaceport Fire Rover

This alternate view shows the guns aimed and ready to shoot sweet sugary goodness directly into your piehole. That reminds me, I could use a snack! While I raid the cupboard for some confectionary treats, click the little blue link to see the other awesome and sometimes unusual rovers featured this Febrovery.

Spaceport Fire Rover

The mean, green roving machine

You can tell that LEGO builder Dan Ko had a great time when designing this intriguing rover. February, or shall we say Febrovery, has been a great month for rovers and we’re not even done yet. This one features a pilot that is a bright green ducky that can only be had in 2019’s Series 19 Collectible Minifigure Shower Guy. Shower Guy, huh? Clearly he’s doing it right as none of my showers have ever been as fun as he seems to make it. I believe it is because my shampoo is not tear-free, in fact it promotes tears. Anyway, let’s wipe away our tears and see why Dan Ko is having the best life ever!

The NNJ Rover

A pair of roving rovers running rampant

February is one of my favorite LEGO months, Because it comes before Marhikoma, and for Febrovery, when builders from around the world create rovers inspired by the classic space car. This pair of rovers by Isaac Snyder are a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern sci-fi, with smooth large wheels and an open cargo bay, the big rover reminds me of the ground vehicle from the Mass Effect video game franchise, and while I know this only shows how old I am, a bit of the classic arcade game Moon Patrol. The smaller one looks like it rolled over the hill from the lunar lander from NASA. My only question is, will the small one fit on the cargo bed. Judging by the hinged tailgate, I’m guessing it does.

Whitetron UCT-6 and SOV

Bubble trouble in the desert

This LEGO Desert Tiger tank built by Andreas Lenander is chock full of great personality. It’s a creation that proposes more questions than answers. Like what is is doing there? What purpose does it have? And what is with that pink-helmeted driver? And most importantly, would they hang out with me? Because whatever trouble that driver is getting into, I most assuredly want to be a part of it! Those tracks are brilliant and even the ground and spires are brick-built using clever techniques. What’s not to love, really? There’s plenty more to love when you click the little blue link to see what else Andreas has done.

Desert Tiger