The most important rover of the day

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then I declare this LEGO bacon and eggs creation by Maxx Davidson to be the most important rover of the day. No, seriously, if you can find a more important rover today let us know in the comments, because I don’t think you will. The bacon and eggs rover is (cleverly) piloted by a chicken and a pig. (It’s their own fault for being delicious!) They are exploring a bevy of breakfast delights including some fruit, a buttered pancake, a hot cup of coffee with some sweetener, and sausage links. Gosh, I hope those are sausage links! Anyway, this was built for Febrovery 2024, which seems to be cooking along nicely.

Bacon and eggs rover exploring a world of breakfast delights! Built for Febrovery 2024

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