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This bunny is making green

They say carrots are good for your eyesight, but they’re even better for your bank account when you understand the market. And BetaNotus brings us a rabbit that knows how to capitalize on his expertise. This combo rover/carrot harvester/maybe even a carrot incubator isn’t your everyday piece of farm equipment. But that’s business. To succeed, you have to innovate.

Capitalistic Carrot Connoisseurs Careen Carelessly

What’s orange and teal all over?

The month of February is almost over, and that means an explosion in rovers thanks to the annual FebRovery challenge. We’ve seen scores of rovers in various classic colors like trans-yellow and blue, but this one by Ids de Jong stood out to me precisely because of its unorthodox and eye-catching colors. The trans-neon-orange windscreen reminds me a wee bit of LEGO’s Aquasharks theme but the teal and old dark grey gives it a vintage vibe that’s hard so hard to accomplish, and I’m here for it.

FebRovery 2023 - 27

Rover (noun): a person who spends their time wandering

When it comes to the LEGO monthly challenges, sometimes it takes something unique to stand out in a crowded field. In fact, when it comes to standing, that’s exactly what Louis Barbedor (Loysnuva)‘s latest Febrovery entry is capable of! This really is a rover in the pre-space-age sense of the word. It’s a cute idea that made me audibly chuckle when I saw it. It’s not the only clever rover to have graced our site in the past month, though – take a look at some of the others.

Is that a rover or a walker ...?

Why pilot alone when you can do it with your best friend?

As for his latest rover, Chris Perron insists that the two androids piloting the vehicle are best friends. And you know what? I think I believe them. Because there’s nobody else I would take with me on an adventure to a planet covered in LEGO roof slopes. Driving in terrain like this looks like lots of fun, especially in a rover with some robust chassis — just like Chris’ build.


Love you to the moon and back!

Tommy Frost has been giving us quite the alphabetical tour of the LEGO theme month known as FebRovery. But, just in time for Valentine’s Day, he’s taken a short detour before the letter M to cover four other letters: LOVE. The heart-shaped rover is adorable, with subtle bits like the black and yellow striping and red wheels paying homage to my Valentine: Classic Space. The space-y textures atop the vehicle, created with various light gray bits and bobs, are a great touch. And the surrounding landscape rounds out the scene well, dappled with light blue moon flowers and pink terrain.

A Rover Built for Two

Here’s an aerial shot better showcasing the rover’s cardial shape. Good luck to Tommy and his copilot Amy as they explore this pink planet together. And I hope you, dear reader, have a spectacular Valentine’s Day!


Call for an ambulance! But not for me!

I mean, for a robot, of course. And what’s the best robot medicine? Obviously, a fully charged battery. Hardcore LEGO Classic Space fan OA KD shows us what a robot medical car looks like. Cute and tiny, its chassis is an example of the best interplanetary engineering, which can only run on these very nicely designed tracks.

Robotic medicine delivery service

Teddy Spacepants enjoys the moon in his new rover

LEGO builder Tommy Frost tells us that R is for Rover and according to the very limited research I did just now that checks out. I didn’t really bother to fact-check that because The New York Times we are not. But while we’re here, let us admire the awesomeness that is this rover. I love the camber of the oversized tires and that color scheme is the bee’s knees. Tommy also tells us that he’ll be building a rover every day this FebRovery so that will ensure job security for us, entertainment for you and the continuing adventures of Teddy Spacepants will grease the wheels of this here machine we call The Brothers Brick. Or something. I don’t really know how the internet works. Anyway, hit up our archives to see the other times Tommy Frost had greased up our spacepants.

R is for Rover

Neo-Classic Space is so old-hat

Classic Space has had a well-established revival among AFOLs in the form of Neo-Classic Space. Recently though, another vintage LEGO space theme has been having its own revival – Ice Planet 2002. Dale Harris has come up with an excellent idea for the story behind this resurrection! Rather than referring to it as Ice Planet 2022 (too obvious), he has coined the term Ice Planet Badlands. It’s described as a ‘post-apocalyptic Ice Planet’, which sounds frankly awesome. This Surefoot TR3 rover is part of this proposed future, with the classic blue, white and neon orange colours paired with some more utilitarian rusty metal. Perhaps the intrepid minifigure explorers got stranded on the Ice Planet, and have had to use their increasingly out-dated vehicles to try and find a way home. I cannot wait to see more!

Surefoot TR3 rover

In Candy Land you can have your cake and drive it too

You can travel in sugary style when sojourning in Candy Land. Just take a look at this LEGO cake rover by Prrbrix if you don’t believe me. It’s a slice of chocolate cake with sweet frosting detailing. You can take in the sights, sounds, and scents of Candy Land with this open canopy automobile. Just try not to eat it as you go, or you might not make it to your destination! Visit the fields of sweets during harvest season, or take in the music of the sweet puff plains. The candy crumb road will be your guide on your journey, all while you sit back behind the wheel of the rover. The design of the rover makes great use of those versatile ingot pieces by way of chocolate bar paneling. I imagine the chocolate bar lends itself better structure to the vehicle’s exterior than just cake. Safety is still important, even when things are made of candy.

Cake Rover in Candy Land

LEGO is soft on space travel

Don’t adjust your screens; that is not a LEGO minifigure someone left in a microwave to see what would happen. You’re looking at a Ted Andes creation of an up-sized remote control space rover built for a plush Lenny. Despite being a seasoned writer for The Brothers Brick, I didn’t know these LEGO plushies were a thing until like two minutes ago. I’m apparently the wrong demographic, but they’ve been all the rage with youngins for a few years now. Look, I never said I was attuned to what the kiddos are into; I don’t even know what kind of bourbon they like. Anyway, while you’re trying to figure out how a TBB volunteer can be given the pink slip, check out these other works by Ted Andes whom, it turns out, is a master at making unusual parts seem pretty cool.

My First RC Rover - Plushie Scale

Don’t tell anyone but if I had a plushie Lenny I’d probably give him an occasional squeeze for good luck.

Red rover, red rover, please don’t run me over

Febrovery, that most-wonderful of LEGO theme-building months, is over, too soon, if you ask me. But never fear, there are still plenty of quality rovers roving through the vastness of the interwebs. Like this big boy from alego alego which just might feature the most unique windscreen pieces on a single vehicle. And everyone knows that you can’t build a quality rover without fat suspensions to overcome any troublesome interstellar landscape. And if you even try to throw shade on this beefy rover, there’s a heavy cannon shell with your name on it.


Rovin’, rovin’, rovin’. Keep them doggies rovin’...

Although Febrovary has drawn to a close, there’s no reason you can’t start prepping for next year. Tommy Frost brings us Ted’s Custom Rovers, a small business ready to help you arrive to next year’s party in style. Maybe take a test drive in this custom ride with Classic Space yellows and blues, along with a unique style of wheel treads. Those inverted transparent-blue radar dishes kind of remind me of suction cups. Maybe this rover climbs walls? I’m sure the low gravity conditions make that a tad easier.

FebRovery 2022 Part 28

This rover looks great from all the angles, too. I’m particularly fond of the exhaust system and front grille work. Stylish, functional, and vaguely plausible mechanics – a real win in my book.

Ted's Custom Rovers

Is your heart still roving around? Why not let it take flight with some more Neo-classic Space goodness?