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Stick a fork in this rover – it’s done. Done right, that is

Inspired by the new wheel fork elements from 76179 Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit, builder Carrier Lost has repurposed them into a something a little more out of this world. The Gamma Scanner is  rover is dripping with Classic Space styling combined with more recent offerings like silver ingots and that all-important driver – Lenny from Benny’s Space Squad.  The chassis is indeed pretty sweet, but my favorite part of this rover is that array of transparent-green sensors along the leading edge.  Will Lenny find the gamma-powered Hulk in a crossover with the MCU? One can only hope.

Gamma Scanner

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The LEGO community has been on a big Tensegrity kick lately, and I for one couldn’t be happier. While the art-lover in me is fond of the abstract sculptural versions, there’s just something cool when builders combine the mind-bending physics with their own choice of theme. Carrier Lost has chosen to take things into the realm of science fiction with this Tensegrity Tank. The sleek design and neon highlights makes this feel like it was lifted directly from some TRON:Legacy concept art. Is it a stretch to label this as a new take on a “hovertank” as well?