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Missing Maine and feeling blue.

A couple of years ago I got to spend a month-long sabbatical from work on the coast of Maine. I really, really wish I could go back. While I was there, I enjoyed quite a bit of lobster, but nothing quite as rare as this blue version from Walter Whiteside Jr. In nature, a blue lobster is the result of a one in two million genetic mutation. In LEGO, the blue lobster is even more rare. In fact, this is the only one I’ve ever seen. With the great organic shaping and realistic details, it’ll certainly do in a pinch. (Get it? Because of the pincers? Okay, that was a bad pun. Nevermind.)

Don’t eat the blue lobster!

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Journey to the bottom of the baseplate bin

Maybe it’s just the bourbon talking, but baseplates can be hit or miss with us LEGO builders. I have boxes full of them, but they reside in the most inaccessible corners of my LEGO room because (again, this might be the bourbon) I perceive them as “greasy kid stuff.” However Walter Whiteside Jr. just might have me digging out my old plates and rethinking my greasy kid strategy. Everything about this particular shot, from the bright yellow submersible to the way he uses the pattern on the baseplates, is phenomenal. The round bits come from this Fabuland set from 1985. In fact, most of these parts take us to about the mid-eighties to the early nineties.

Deep sea submersible

We may have other things to look forward to from this builder. While this shot is remarkable enough to warrant its own write-up, the bit of monorail track clues us in that this may be part of a larger layout. In fact, here’s another denizen of Walter’s amazing underwater world!

Sea people- deep diver

The Sandcrawler...or Mooncrawler?

Hide your droids! Hide your ship! Or else the crew of this massive LEGO Sandcrawler built by Walter Whiteside will scrap and sell them in exchange for breakfast, maybe a nice mudhorn egg. As always, it is great to see a mashup between Star Wars and LEGO’s Classic Space theme. This time rather than a flying vehicle we have a brilliant blue Sandcrawler, but given its classic space look, I could see this mobile fortress making its way across a sandy and cratered moon.

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