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Missing Maine and feeling blue.

A couple of years ago I got to spend a month-long sabbatical from work on the coast of Maine. I really, really wish I could go back. While I was there, I enjoyed quite a bit of lobster, but nothing quite as rare as this blue version from Walter Whiteside Jr. In nature, a blue lobster is the result of a one in two million genetic mutation. In LEGO, the blue lobster is even more rare. In fact, this is the only one I’ve ever seen. With the great organic shaping and realistic details, it’ll certainly do in a pinch. (Get it? Because of the pincers? Okay, that was a bad pun. Nevermind.)

Don’t eat the blue lobster!

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Bring on the LEGO butter and bib

The line of LEGO Star Wars constraction figures has unleashed a plethora of new sculpted parts to feed the Bionicle building frenzy. However, this delicious looking lobster by 楚 沐猴 puts some of the parts from LEGO 75529 Elite Praetorian guard to a very different use. The finished product is a crustacean that looks good enough to eat.


Lobsters will finally have their revenge against Thermidor

While most mechs stand on two feet and resemble a humanoid shape, builder David Liu explores a new subject with an unexpected mech in the form of a lobster! It’s more likeable than one might expect, especially because it has a tiny lobster as a pilot and a cannon mount to blast anything into smithereens. In this case, Batman and his plate full of lettuce and butter are the target!

The Revenge of the Lobster

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