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Mischievous Minions and Mandalorian mashup

Somewhere in the Minions universe, there’s probably a galaxy far, far away with its own Mandalorian and Child. It’s certainly a fun idea builder Damian Thomas explores in this cute LEGO build. What screams Minions are those big ol’eyes! The printed eye pieces are in fact from the LEGO Minions sets. Besides the eyes, the spirit of the Minions is captured in the shape of the bodies, done with slopes and round bricks. The Child even has their little cradle so they can zip around the Mandalorian. The little barb pieces standing out on the Child’s head are secured with clips for that tuft of hair. The Mandalorian’s belt and armor are chock full of interesting details. The definition is a nice balance between the Star Wars elements and the Minions style. This is a well-done mashup, and I can imagine all the hijinks these two are going to get into on their adventures!

The Miniolorian

I can do this all day. Because I’m a robot.

As Disney continues to absorb every form of media, it will only be a matter of time before the House of Mouse releases a Star Wars/Marvel Comics crossover film. Not one to wait for the inevitable, builder Veynom has taken the first step with a pair of Battle Droids from the Star Wars universe that are truly Super Soldiers. There’s classic “Steve Roger Rogers” with a bright blue color scheme and vintage shield, and modern “Steve Roger Rogers” with an Avengers-era, dark-blue color scheme and shield from the 76168 Captain America Mech Armor. While the pun in the name here is just *chef’s kiss* perfect, I still want to see Veynom tackle the rest of the Avengers in a similar style. There were a lot of droids in the Clone Wars…I’m sure there are some other great matches out there. (At least give us a Super Battle Droid in green with purple pants.)

In the meantime, check out some other great Star Wars and Avengers builds in our archives!

The Sandcrawler...or Mooncrawler?

Hide your droids! Hide your ship! Or else the crew of this massive LEGO Sandcrawler built by Walter Whiteside will scrap and sell them in exchange for breakfast, maybe a nice mudhorn egg. As always, it is great to see a mashup between Star Wars and LEGO’s Classic Space theme. This time rather than a flying vehicle we have a brilliant blue Sandcrawler, but given its classic space look, I could see this mobile fortress making its way across a sandy and cratered moon.

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