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A pattern in the bricks

The overwhelming majority of the LEGO creations we feature here on The Brothers Brick are spaceships, cars, castles, and other objects and scenes. What we see far less frequently are abstract designs like this fascinating one by Crimso Giger. Sometimes it’s good to return to the basic rectangular geometry of the brick and see what emerges. Although presented as a two-dimensional artwork, this build lives in three dimensions taking up three sides of a cube.
It’s part of an ongoing exploration by Crimso into creating fascinating photos of LEGO and the interplay of light and geometry. Here’s one of my favorites. At first glance it looks digitally altered, but it’s pure LEGO. See if you can figure out how it’s done.

Yo, dawg! We heard you like gold so we pimped your ride!

Who could forget the mid-2000’s show Pimp My Ride? You can be forgiven if you had already forgotten it. The premise was the host and rapper Xzibit, would knock on some young pimple popper’s door, notify them that their broke-ass ride is about to be pimped, then backflips and high-fives would ensue. Then the guys at West Coast Customs would install state-of-the-art stereo systems and gadgets, wild paint schemes, spinner rims, and TVs on nearly every surface including seat rests and mud flaps. Stir in a little drama and a big reveal and you have the makings of what entertained us in the mid-oughts. This LEGO rover by Crimso Giger is pretty much what Pimp My Ride would be like if they had worked on space rovers. It’s way more blingy than the practical but boring rover they just sent to Mars. Consider yourselves pimped!

FebRovery 2021 #22 - The Golden Road

The concrete results of artistic abstraction

When building with LEGO bricks, most people opt for recreating something that mirrors our experiences. We draw inspiration from the real world — maybe we look to movies, literature, or some other media, but our creations look like things that exist…or could possibly exist…in our reality. What, then, should we make of the artistic abstractions of Crimso Giger? Even though they exist as physical models, these spaces are like nothing we’d expect to encounter. Crimso has combined geometric abstraction with sculpture, leading us into an unfamiliar world without giving us a roadmap.
Sure, you can try and make sense of these images by trying to force some sort of logic onto them. Take Abstract – Yellow Grey Black, for example. The choice of colors and shapes reminds me of the interior of a computer, or a cityscape that’s been bent like a scene from Inception or Doctor Strange. But that’s just my perspective – maybe this is something else entirely.

Abstract - Yellow Grey Black

Abstract – White Black Red makes me think of gaming. The red and black tiles seem to form a checkerboard, and the black and white groupings remind me of backgammon boards and dice. But what is that construction in the center? Is the “x” shape in the 1x6x5 rectangular girder a call out to Tic-Tac-Toe? Have I completely missed the point? I just don’t know!

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