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This bunny is making green

They say carrots are good for your eyesight, but they’re even better for your bank account when you understand the market. And BetaNotus brings us a rabbit that knows how to capitalize on his expertise. This combo rover/carrot harvester/maybe even a carrot incubator isn’t your everyday piece of farm equipment. But that’s business. To succeed, you have to innovate.

Capitalistic Carrot Connoisseurs Careen Carelessly

Your standard stylish resource collector

Everyone needs a collector for those resource rich dead planets, like this nifty LEGO one from BetaNotus. There are all kinds of resource collectors, but the best ones have both efficiency and style in mind. First off, love the blue color blocking! Blue always goes well with grey, and looks especially nice with the gold bits of the collector, like the drill and accent details. This collector also has some nice symmetry going on, which doesn’t hurt keeping it balanced as it drills down. Overall, the whole thing has really cool textures and layering, making me wonder how the mechanism might work. Just plop a few of these down on a dead planet or an asteroid and you’ll have quite a haul in no time. Then it’ll be time to collect the collectors and move to another location.

Calamercantile Resource Collector

Space Pirate-ship Keuppia

Presumably named after an extinct genus of octopus, the Keuppia by Builder BetaNotus is also inspired by an ancient expansion from 1994 of the Star Wars role-playing game. The Discril-class attack cruisers from Cracken’s Rebel Operatives may not be canon now but their general shaping was similar to the model that BetaNotus crafted in their honor. Like the once Imperial vessels which fell into the hands of brigands and thieves, this ship is “crewed by pirates seeking fame, fortune, and unsuspecting merchants,” as the builder puts it. Originally built for BrickFair Virginia 2021, there are a slew of techniques used in the shaping of this craft. BetaNotus covered almost ever crack and angle while also creating a frightfully armed front end. The grill slopes used at the front could be large vents or textured armor, either reads well, but the triple gun arms are real heavy hitters. I could see why pirates would like such an craft as it would be great for running down ships and disabling their shields while taking plenty of hits of its own.

The Keuppia

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A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing

While we often features builds by AFOLs, sometimes it’s important to remember that LEGO is, fundamentally, a kids’ toy. BetaNotus‘ local LEGO User Group (LUG) has borne that in mind with their latest challenge. Each builder was assigned a sketch by local children, and tasked with turning it into a MOC. It’s an adorable idea that has resulted in a rather cool-looking monster! It’s a skilful piece of building, but it still manages to retain the inventive charm of what a kid’s imagination can conjure up.

Reed's Monster

Oh no, not another quadrupedal fishing mech…

BetaNotus has fallen into a familiar trap. When you cover the work of the Adult Fans of LEGO community, there are just certain themes you’re going to see repeated over and over again. Custom Batmobiles, X-Wings, and Back to the Future DeLoreans are as plentiful as can be. And a familiar build that ranks right up with those is the classic quadrupedal mech for fishing expeditions. I can’t tell you how many… Hold on, I’m getting a message. I’m sorry, I’m being told we’ve never seen a build like this before. Word from TBB leadership is this build is delightfully creative and more mechs for unexpected tasks would be welcome. My bad.

Alces Adventurer

Too deep to see

As the summer weather begins to truly set in, opportunity opens up for expeditions in calming seas. Builder BetaNotus was inspired by nature to create this deep submersible vehicle (DSV) using a wealth of Technic panels and detailed arm sections. The shaping of the large panel pieces have a wonderful flow that reads perfectly as the solid exterior of most DSV since battling the high pressure of the ocean depths requires a thick hull. The grill section on top is a great element for this style of craft and the yellow panels are nice additions to break up the monotonous white. Of course, once you’re down there, you’ll want to be able to see. Large lamps above and below the bulbous clear pilot section illuminate the surroundings, startling any creatures that might be floating in the dark.

DSV Tharp

With those claw arms, its super easy for the craft to interact with its environment. Sure, it might be a little jarring for the clam, but at least we get to discover the secrets of the deep. Come to think of it, this would be a great partner build with the Titanic set. Then you could fully recreate James Cameron’s classic. Maybe BetaNotus was thinking about this on some level.

Your favourite condiments as speeders

BetaNotus has constructed these rather random speeders. Based on the sauces of barbecue and honey mustard, both vehicles have an open semicircle design at the front, with engines or exhausts protruding from the sides. Sandwiched in between the large quarter circles, tail pieces create the textured details on the inner sections of the machines. The handles are actually built around sausage pieces, which keeps the curved design consistent throughout the models. It does make you wonder what other condiments would look like as flying speeders…

Barbecue & Honey Mustard

In space, no one can hear you order delivery

This motorized intergalactic pizza factory by BetaNotus is making me hungry. It’s cranking out perfect pies in record time, with a team of cybernetic chefs watching over things. These mathematically precise pizzas go from raw, to cooked, to boxed in mere seconds. Then, it’s off to the nearest Pizza Tron kiosk so that beings from all across the universe can grab a quick bite between planets. The detailed, believable factory assembly line is wonderful, but our favorite detail is definitely the brick-built “Pizza Tron” signs up above.

Pizza Tron Mega-Factory

Something Something Squid Game

I’m a big fan of science fiction builds that are more useful than military. BetaNotus has found that sweet spot with their creation Cuttlefish Speeder. This adorable aid for “the fisherman of the future” makes great use of Technic panels to create a streamlined shape, with tan telescope accessories making for an intriguing front grille.  The touch of creepy from the Hidden Side 1×1 round eye tiles completes the look, making you wonder if this isn’t also a biomechanical treat. If so, that fisherman might want to feed it more…it’s looking cranky.

Cuttlefish Speeder

I know Cuttlefish and Octopuses aren’t the same thing, but if you’re looking for more tentacle-y goodness, check out our Octopus archives!

A sweet upgrade for a lovely off-roader

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and sometimes one LEGO creation inspires another, like this neat fleet of cargo transports inspired by the Baserunner by Alvaro Gunawan. While the original was a simple flatbed, this new version by BetaNotus adds a new paint job, a covered cargo area with removable cargo, and a folding radio antenna. The additional section flows very nicely with three front sections. I just hope that container isn’t too dangerous. The pilot doesn’t look too concerned.

Antares Union Baserunner

For comparison, here is the original inspiration, with a very smooth-looking transmission to help navigate rough terrain to deliver your cargo on time.