In space, no one can hear you order delivery

This motorized intergalactic pizza factory by BetaNotus is making me hungry. It’s cranking out perfect pies in record time, with a team of cybernetic chefs watching over things. These mathematically precise pizzas go from raw, to cooked, to boxed in mere seconds. Then, it’s off to the nearest Pizza Tron kiosk so that beings from all across the universe can grab a quick bite between planets. The detailed, believable factory assembly line is wonderful, but our favorite detail is definitely the brick-built “Pizza Tron” signs up above.

Pizza Tron Mega-Factory

3 comments on “In space, no one can hear you order delivery

  1. hntrains

    The workers are so small, it looks like a factory children have imagined – the way children do when they play. That a robot watches over them speaks about something quite dire – despite the general happy mood this image creates through the colour combination.

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