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A carry-on that can carry you away

Have you seen the chaos that is air travel lately? Well, Dan Ko has crafted the perfect solution for the weary traveler. This Pacman Speeder is a hoverbike that gets you where you need to go in a hurry. And, when you reach your destination, it’s small enough to fit on a bellman’s cart and store in the hotel closet. Now that’s traveling in style.

Pacman Speeder Sharing System Technology

Your favourite condiments as speeders

BetaNotus has constructed these rather random speeders. Based on the sauces of barbecue and honey mustard, both vehicles have an open semicircle design at the front, with engines or exhausts protruding from the sides. Sandwiched in between the large quarter circles, tail pieces create the textured details on the inner sections of the machines. The handles are actually built around sausage pieces, which keeps the curved design consistent throughout the models. It does make you wonder what other condiments would look like as flying speeders…

Barbecue & Honey Mustard