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Going gaga for LEGO Grogu

So the big-scale version of our favorite Star Wars youngster put out by LEGO was pretty darn adorable. But George Panteleon just had to go for bigger and Bambi-er with this Grogu figure that’s cute as all get out! I love the textures on his robes: the studs out fluff around the child’s neck and wrists contrast the sloping folds of the rest of the garment. But those big, entrancing black eyes giving you that mischievous stare. You just know he’s looking to steal that metal ball at the end of one of your flight controls.

Baby Yoda

“This is the way” ; “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes”

Welp, we pretty much know what is going to be Disney’s hottest new action figure this spring, but a few LEGO builders like Dad’s Bricks (Joe) have gotten ahead of Hasbro and wasted no time in getting their versions out first. Now Mando doesn’t have to crane his neck so far down to keep an eye on his adorable little ward thanks to Grogu’s new IG-12 mech suit. It’s more of a hollowed-out droid, really. With the help of little Grogu at the controls, the former assassin droid is capable of saying “no” and “yes”- usually in quick succession. Judging by the builder’s name, he’s probably a dad and so can understand the pride and wonder Mando must feel for his (mild spoiler alert, here) adopted son. He probably has a stockpile of good dad jokes, too. If you know some good ones, please leave them in the comments.

[LEGO - Mando and IG-12]

Assassinanny 9-12?

Beware, mild Mandalorian S3E7 spoilers ahead. Please forgive the title, but it’s not every day that I get to make an obscure Venture Brothers reference while I write about a LEGO Star Wars build. Believe me, I’m enjoying the moment! From the penultimate season 3 episode of The Mandalorian, Dread Pirate Wesley has channeled his inner Anzellan and created the best IG-12 I’ve seen thus far. Grogu’s new mech is looking extra sharp with spindly, Technic-heavy extremities. I especially like the use of the Constraction fig lightsaber hilts in the robot’s forearms, providing the perfect amount of texture with the glint of pearl silver. IG’s head is well-formed, especially with two pulley pieces. They critically allow stud connections for texturing/coloring while still maintaining a 3-wide cylinder. But there’s really nothing more eye-catching than that lime-colored pilot, complete with an adorable custom face print.

Lego IG-12 (and Grogu)

Cruising the Star Wars galaxy with my homie, Grogu

If you haven’t seen the season finale of The Book of Boba Fett then give this LEGO ship by Alex Jones a like or a heart and move on without reading ahead. But be sure to catch it when you can. If you have seen it then oh boy! A couple of episodes back when Peli revealed the refurbished N-1 Starfighter she was working on for Mando we got just a little taste of foreshadowing. Seeing the pre-Empire ship was cool enough in itself. It was admittedly not the replacement for the Razorcrest Mando had hoped for at first but with it being souped-up and off-the-grid like a refurbished one-of-a-kind classic hot rod, he warmed up to it. However, the bubble dome in place of where an Astromech would go… clued us in that someday Grogu would sit there. Fast forward to the last scene of the final episode and we were served a heaping albeit adorable helping of fan service!

Mandalorian Naboo Starfighter

If you’ve seen the show, then join in on all the excitement to see what other builders have done in The Book of Boba Fett archives.

Grogu’s Force lessons

I don’t think it’s any secret that most people’s favorite The Book of Boba Fett episodes were largely Fett-less. Jonas Kramm has paid tribute to the show’s identity crisis with his latest build based on Episode 6. In this scene, the child Grogu faces off against a Jedi Training Droid on the planet where Luke is establishing his new school. Jonas has packed a lot of accurate detail into this 14×14 vignette, from the bamboo forest to the flintlock weapons used as twigs in the water. I appreciate the round quarter 1×1 tile in Ashoka’s hand, acting as the small package that the Mandalorian left for his foundling. But, perhaps the most accurate detail of all is that this scene also contains an entirely artificial recreation of Mark Hamill. Special effects jokes aside, if you dig this build, make sure to check out Jonas’s other vignettes of the show here and here.

Grogu's Jedi Training

LEGO 75307 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 unveiled featuring Grogu in a Christmas pullover [News]

LEGO has released images of the upcoming Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2021. The theme for this year is heavily related to The Mandalorian featuring Grogu, IG-11 and other characters from the Disney TV Series. The set comes with 335 pieces and will likely be priced at US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £24.99

Click to take a closer look

The ragtag bounty hunters of The Mandalorian

If you grew up watching Star Wars, chances are good you had a favorite bounty hunter. Maybe that was Boba Fett, or maybe it was Greedo (just kidding) but there’s no denying that one stood out from the pack: IG-88. We haven’t gotten to see IG-88 on-screen since The Empire Strikes Back, but fellow assassin droid IG-11 played a fan-favorite role in The Mandalorian, and this LEGO version by NS Brick Designs is perfect. Complete with a speeder bike, this IG-11 is in a large scale that allows it to have plenty of details, including a baby Grogu strapped to the front.

Of course, you can’t make awesome characters from The Mandalorian and not make the titular character, so NS Brick Designs has also built the intrepid hero along with another version of Grogu with his pod. There are lots of nifty designs here, but I particularly like the touch of the cloth capes around the Mandalorian’s neck, which originally hail from Harry Potter Dementors.

Yoda’s hut in micro scale or Grogu’s hut

The baby Yoda figure has been on my wish list since the first time I saw it. Carter Witz used it in their latest creation. It is either meant to represent Grogu and his little play hut, or it is meant to represent Yoda on a micro-scale. The creation is called (baby) Yoda’s hut, so my guess is it is up to you to decide.

(Baby) Yoda's Hut

The tree looks nice and lusciously green and the roots covering the little hut are a very nice touch. Carter used a mix of elephant trunks, spider legs and dinosaur necks to create the roots and the trunk of the tree. Indy had to hand in his whip to create vines and roots. I am not sure what the brown flower stem is meant to represent, but I am digging how it looks!

Build your very own LEGO Grogu’s levitating bassinet from The Mandalorian [Instructions]

Okay, granted, it won’t be actually levitating, but if you’ve already secured one of these tiny cute little Grogu baby-figs, this bassinet may be something that you’d want to add to your display or custom creation scene and we have builder Vostroyan to thank them for. If you’re figuring out where can you get the tiny Grogu figure – it is only available in the 75292 Razor Crest or the more affordable 75299 Trouble on Tatooine set.

The Child's bassinet from The Mandalorian

Click to see the full instructions and parts list