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A Kingsman-inspired LEGO build that’s tailor-made for action

You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry around in their briefcase. And with a LEGO build like this in their valise, NS Brick Designs is ready for some proper action. Featuring the explosive Poppyland scene from Kingsman: The Golden Circle, we can clearly see all the carnage wrought as Eggsy and Galahad do battle with Poppy Adams and her sinister tech. I love the retro look of the diner, very much in-keeping with the scene in the movie. And the lettering above it is quite exquisite! But the real heroes in this scene are all the action poses to the left and right of our two protagonists. Perfect staging shows the Beauty Bot mid-explosion, a pair of cyber hounds stalking their prey, drones in mid-flight above the diner, and henchmen about to engage. My favorite detail has got to be the rocket launcher suitcase featured front and center.

The Kingsman: Poppy's Diner

Check out the fully-detailed interior of the diner, as well. I love the checkboard floor design here. However, with all this detail, I have to ask: where’s Elton?

The Kingsman: Poppy's Diner

The ragtag bounty hunters of The Mandalorian

If you grew up watching Star Wars, chances are good you had a favorite bounty hunter. Maybe that was Boba Fett, or maybe it was Greedo (just kidding) but there’s no denying that one stood out from the pack: IG-88. We haven’t gotten to see IG-88 on-screen since The Empire Strikes Back, but fellow assassin droid IG-11 played a fan-favorite role in The Mandalorian, and this LEGO version by NS Brick Designs is perfect. Complete with a speeder bike, this IG-11 is in a large scale that allows it to have plenty of details, including a baby Grogu strapped to the front.

Of course, you can’t make awesome characters from The Mandalorian and not make the titular character, so NS Brick Designs has also built the intrepid hero along with another version of Grogu with his pod. There are lots of nifty designs here, but I particularly like the touch of the cloth capes around the Mandalorian’s neck, which originally hail from Harry Potter Dementors.

Do you even lift, bro?

I was just blasting my quads when I saw this little LEGO diorama by NS Brick Designs. And by “blasting my quads” I mean laughing at dachshund videos, checking out creations for potential write-ups, and updating my Netflix queue. While I may be a master of multi-tasking, there is no actual quad-blasting in this household. Despite having no children I have a bit of a “dad bod” thing going on here. But this minifig has abs you can grate cheese with, whatever that means. He dedicates much of his time to building muscle mass and cardio and not so much watching Netflix. Kudos to you if you’re into it. I’ve tried running once but all the ice kept spilling out of my cocktail. Anyway, sweet kettlebells though. I actually know what those are. Are you surprised?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

This holiday season, Star Wars fans are flocking to movie theaters to see the final installment in the Skywalker saga. Since Star Wars came out in 1977, we’ve grown older, some of us have had kids of our own, some have bought homes, held more than a few jobs, some of us may even be looking as old and grizzled as Luke Skywalker himself. No matter how we turned out in life, Star Wars fans who were children or young adults in 1977 recall the year that changed their lives immesuably. An entity named NS Brick Designs has sparked a sense of wonder and nostalgia for older Star Wars fans with a LEGO rendition of the original Tom Jung pulp poster that started it all.

Luke’s robe billows open revealing his massively muscled chest while a subservient, sultry Leia slinks at his feet holding a blaster. This wasn’t the reality of the movie; Luke wasn’t all that ripped and it turns out Princess Leia could hold her own and wasn’t going to play second fiddle to a farm boy from Tatooine. But pulp images, especially this one inspired by the fantasy art of Frank Frazetta, have a way of capturing the imagination and bending perceptions a bit. Now in modern times, we are calling the newest movie the last of the Skywalker saga, but we have new heroes to look up to such as Finn, Rey and Poe. Thanks to a dedicated fan base and thanks, in part, to images like this one, the magic and lore of Star Wars has persisted with us most of our lives and will likely remain with us for generations to come.

An Assassin’s Creed

One of the things I enjoy about the LEGO community is seeing how certain people grow as builders. NS Brick Designs has created some fantastic models, but I loved looking at the comparison of his most recent Assassin’s Creed creation to the original built three years ago. His attention to detail has really come a long way.

An Assassin's Creed

The Assassin’s Creed game franchise is known for its wide ranging locations and times in history. While this scene isn’t based on one particular game, it captures the spirit of the series perfectly with one of the titular assassins on top of the building ready to leap down and take out the enemy. Various techniques are used here to create a wonderful look. The use of the gears and mechanical arms as decor give great detail to the building along with upside down ice cream cones and Battle Droid legs to create a nice treatment over the windows. The tree made from the 3 leaf pieces and in particular the bird made from a plume, minifigure hands and the base of a lever really caught my eye. I also like the use of the sideways profile bricks that make up the paved ground and the connected clips that lend a nice look to the stairway railing.

There is a lot to appreciate in this LEGO model, so be sure to take the time to take a closer look and be inspired.

No one escapes Vader’s wrath

One thing we all learnt from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is that you don’t want to stand between a Sith Lord and his blueprints! NS Brick Designs has done an amazing job of capturing the iconic scene, giving us Darth Vader in full on rage as he storms the gantry corridor toward the fleeing Tantive IV.

vader rage

It may only be a small LEGO build, but through the careful placement of the scattered Rebel troops — one being pinned to the ceiling by a force throw — captures the sweeping flow of the sequence. The interior is the other star, overflowing with accurate details. The panelled floor constructed from Technic bars showing just how far things have been taken in the pursuit of the perfect build.