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A Kingsman-inspired LEGO build that’s tailor-made for action

You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry around in their briefcase. And with a LEGO build like this in their valise, NS Brick Designs is ready for some proper action. Featuring the explosive Poppyland scene from Kingsman: The Golden Circle, we can clearly see all the carnage wrought as Eggsy and Galahad do battle with Poppy Adams and her sinister tech. I love the retro look of the diner, very much in-keeping with the scene in the movie. And the lettering above it is quite exquisite! But the real heroes in this scene are all the action poses to the left and right of our two protagonists. Perfect staging shows the Beauty Bot mid-explosion, a pair of cyber hounds stalking their prey, drones in mid-flight above the diner, and henchmen about to engage. My favorite detail has got to be the rocket launcher suitcase featured front and center.

The Kingsman: Poppy's Diner

Check out the fully-detailed interior of the diner, as well. I love the checkboard floor design here. However, with all this detail, I have to ask: where’s Elton?

The Kingsman: Poppy's Diner

A cup of joe to go – at 10,000ft!

I love the nostalgia that surrounds Route 66, and Crises_crs shoots for the sky with this retrofitted reimagining of a Route 66 diner. The trucks parked as they are adds a depth of everyday realism to the build, and the repurposed vehicles really compliment the futuristic design, with hover conversion technology erupting below the trucks’ original frames. The diner itself has a nice amount of detail, with space allowing for the trucks to moor, and for the drivers to sit and rest. The adverts that homage the Route 66 of long ago is the perfect finishing touch.

Route 66 cafe