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Fuel, Give Me Fire, Give me the Gas Station I Desire!

This rustic gas station was built by Markus Rollbühler. He started things off with the Ford tow truck, which then served as the inspiration behind the surrounding architecture and landscaping. According to Markus, he’s “not much of a car builder,” but I can’t help but be impressed by the intricate-looking towing mechanism on the back of his vibrant, bright-light-orange truck. Thanks to the excellent use of darker colors, Markus’ gas station really looks like something you might find while cruising down Route 66.

Of Rust and Gasoline

There are plenty of little details to enjoy, including the building’s tilted siding, the custom-built outdoor furniture, and the little red bird in the tree. In particular, I’m loving the design of those trees, which uses several green feather parts as leaves. This same technique was used in one of Markus’ models we featured back in October. In fact, that particular tree looks like it might have been transplanted next to this gas station.

The General Store

Somewhere in the heart of America, in some tiny, rundown town, sits a gas station just like this one. Actually, there are many of them along old nearly-forgotten interstate highways. They are a staple of rural American culture. The original (non-LEGO) miniature diorama by Yasu Okugawa from Doozy! Modelworks, was built with many materials, and is quite beautiful. But this version by César Soares packs a ton of detail into a small space, using only LEGO! He does a wonderful job of capturing as many aspects of the original as possible. (Aside from the added touch of recognizable LEGO stickers instead of the originals)

General Store

The build is definitely one to zoom in on and take a while to look at every angle. From revolver gas-pump handles to green artist-pallette trees, and even spoon chair legs, it’s certainly a clever use of parts. The techniques used to achieve such an authentic look on the building, pumps, and car are truly impressive!

General Store