Unmasking a clever build technique

As Febrovery 2022 comes to a close, we here at the Brothers Brick Bullpen thought we had seen every variation on space rovers there was to see. But builder Scott Wilhelm had a trick up his sleeve that we weren’t expecting: a half-track rover built from a giant Bionicle mask. That’s right, the giant curved mass of dark red that you see below is the main gate from Set 8759-1 Battle of Metru Nui. Scott has cleverly crafted a minifigure cockpit on the mask’s forehead, and cramped all manner of glorious greebles into the mask’s negative space. While the mask was only ever available in one set, this rover might have the LEGO Group looking to see if they still have the mold on file.

Mobile Reactor Transport

1 comment on “Unmasking a clever build technique

  1. hntrains

    Marchovery has just begun!

    I might actually have that set – minus the minifigs. Bought it, if I well remember, from someone who could not sell it to anyone else…

    Great use of parts – although everything might be pointless to an engineer.

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