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LEGO DOTS 41935: Lots of DOTS – Yep, that’s a lot of DOTS. [Review]

Sometimes, with all the licensed properties and amazing in-house themed models, it’s hard to remember that LEGO is also meant for those who would rather create their own things. That’s why I’m so fond of DOTS – it’s a call to the artistically inclined to get to building. We’ve shared several reviews of the DOTS Extra DOTS booster packs, but now LEGO is also offering a cost-effective way to quickly add 1040 pieces into your parts bin.  DOTS 41935: Lots of Dots is available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $19.99 | CAN $24.99 | UK £17.99. We bought a copy, so come along as we take a look at just what makes up “Lots of Dots”!

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LEGO DOTS 41932 Extra DOTS – Series 5: A glowing new assortment [Review]

It feels like it was just yesterday (Okay, it was March) when we took a look at the Extra DOTS series 4 packs. (It was so recent, in fact, that I copied this intro paragraph from that review.) But LEGO has gone rapid-release on us, and now there’s already a whole new set of unique printed tiles to collect and colored elements to stock up on. Packs of 41932 Extra DOTS – Series 5  are available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.99.  We bought a few to see what this latest not-quite-blind-pack has to offer.

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Initiate happiness protocols or face termination…

Your smile is your most valuable asset. That’s why Bob Droid, by Simon Liu, is going to make sure it stays on your face by eliminating anything that might make you frown. Bob Droid is a prototype Ansui VIP protective drone unit, which no doubt costs a bundle. But it’s worth it to keep away any would-be assassins. By adding a printed emoji tile to a futuristic mech, Simon’s made something that’s greater than the sum of its parts. With a super-articulated frame and a smile as bright as the explosions from his rocket launcher, you’ll never feel happier than you do with Bob Droid at your side.

Ansui VIP Protector

Bag Tag Dice Lad

The LEGO Dots line has introduced some fun printed studs and colorful pieces to play around with. This year they introduced bag tag sets with a new cube element. In the past, they’ve had 2×2 stud cubes used in games as the dice, but this newer cube is 3×3 studs, allowing for more detail. Though the beveled, angular edges of the element can provide some challenges to integrating it into a model, builder nobu_tary shows us the character it can lend to a brick-built figure.


This little guy’s colorful head is detailed with tiles and modified studs while the body is built upside down, attaching to the studs on the bottom of the bag tag cube. Simple use of a slope and a curved top stud attached to bricks with studs on the side help give the impression of an arm. The same side-studded bricks are used to attach the Macaroni Technic tubes and 1×2 plates that make up the cute little legs. The angle nobu_tary shot this photo at helps conceal the attachment for the bag tag ring clip, which could either make or break a model because of the asymmetry it adds to the cube element. Nonetheless, creative positioning, as well as color blocking between the figure and the seat help nobu_tary, build an adorable little character that reminds me of the Wood Man from Netflix’s Hilda. Something about the character’s expression just reminds me of the Wood Man bursting in unannounced to peoples’ homes. Maybe this is Dice Lad, a relative of sorts, that appears to moderate board games, whether you like it or not.

Find more of nobu_tary’s builds on Flickr or Instagram (@nobu_tary) or check out some more characters by other builders!

LEGO DOTS 41930 Bag Tag Panda [Review]

The latest wave of DOTS branches out from bracelets to include “bag tags” – cute, cubic animals that can be clipped onto a backpack (or other things) to add a bit of LEGO flair. DOTS 41930 Bag Tag Panda is available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $6.99 | CAN $8.99 | UK £5.99, so we picked one up to take a closer look…and found some interesting new parts for our troubles! Come along as we take a 84 piece trip into the realms of adorableness.

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LEGO DOTS 41931 Extra DOTS – Series 4: Making Faces [Review]

It feels like it was just yesterday (Okay, it was January) when we took a look at the Extra DOTS series 3 packs. But LEGO has gone rapid-release on us, and now there’s already a whole new set of unique printed tiles to collect and rare colored elements to stock up on. Packs of 41931 Extra DOTS – Series 4  are available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.99.  We bought a few to see what this latest not-quite-blind-pack has to offer.

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The Ambassador of Grnx brings some odd parts usage

LEGO revealed their DOTS line and some folks reasoned it would be great for their little sisters but not for the likes of them. Vince Toulouse illustrates the error of their ways with this Ambassador of Grnx wearing a DOTS band as a sash. His staff makes use of Clickits connectors, another line some of youse thought was only appropriate for little sis. As if that wasn’t enough, Vince brings in another limited appeal line with the use of flame bits from the short-lived Ben 10 sets. It just goes to show that on the surface, some sets have limited appeal but in the hands of a builder like Vince, there is no limit to what can be used.

Ambassador of Grnx

LEGO DOTS 41921 Extra DOTS – Series 3 [Review]

Early 2021 saw the latest expansion to LEGO’s DOTS theme with new Series 3 sets. These kits are designed to appeal to kids who are interested in arts and crafts, but they’ve found a lot of love with adult builders, too. DOTS 41921 Extra DOTS – Series 3 packs are available now for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.99.  Each bag contains a mix of 107 elements including new 3D tiles, a mix of quarter-circle and round 1×1 plate, and 10 printed tiles from a pool of 16 new designs. It’s that last bit that needs a bit of exploration. Just what are those new designs? And how tough is it to put together a full set of them? We went out and bought a few packs to find the answers. Come along with us as we find out!

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A deep dive into NPU

NPU, or “Nice Part Usage” is often a hallmark of the LEGO creations we feature here at the Brothers Brick. The Sludge Diver by djokson is a prime specimen. A specimen of what, exactly, remains up for debate. It seems likely those eyestalks are partially composed of dinosaur tails, but the bulk of the diver remains hidden behind that fascinating bit of protective gear. Combining Duplo tubes, rubber tires, and even the packaging from the 8050 Bionicle Kraata booster pack, this explorer is ready for whatever life throws at them.

The Sludge Diver

The best bit of this build for me is the DOTS bracelet used for the helmet gasket. If you agree, check out other innovative uses of those bracelets in our DOTS archives.

Snatcher, no snatching!

I’m a big fan of people using LEGO elements in unusual ways, and builder Djokson hits the sweet spot with Slizzk the Snatcher. Although described as “a pathetic little creature cursed with an insatiable desire to collect all things sparkly and shiny,” I don’t find Slizzk lacking at all. Two LEGO DOTs bracelets create a great color contrast with yellow Hero Factory armor. The black limbs show great articulation, and the end result is just charming as all get out. Sure, I’d probably be annoyed if they stole any of my stuff. But that’s not currently my problem.

Slizzk the Snatcher

This isn’t the first adorable creature of Djokson’s we’ve featured. Hopefully it won’t be the last, either.

LEGO’s new collaboration with Levi’s uses Dots for customizable clothing [News]

LEGO’s new collaboration with clothing brand Levi’s is the next step for the Dots theme introduced early this year. Teased last week, the new clothing line for adults and kids will feature small patches of material similar to the LEGO Dots bracelets sewn onto a variety of jackets, hats, accessories, and of course, denim jeans. The small patches of studs can then be adorned with LEGO elements drawn from the Dots theme. The brands are being shy about details as yet, though, with no word on the specific pricing or when you can expect to be able to purchase them. LEGO has also recently unveiled a collaboration with athletic brand Adidas.

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I’m a Kaiju girl, in a Kaiju world!

In a not so distant future, everything is blocky and grey. To brighten up the world, MadLEGOman, a scientist at Abnormal Genetics Laboratories has added too many DOTS to dinosaur DNA. The result is a unique Kaiju that no imagination could ever fathom… The dreaded AbbyNormaJeane, which bears resemblance to Grimlock from Transformers with the colour scheme of General Mayhem from The LEGO Movie 2.


Medium azure 1×1 round tiles provide the AbbyNormaJeane her primary colour, her underbelly and feet include some pinks and magentas. Whereas these are scales or armour, her base body is a white canvas that the DOTS cover. In addition, a combination of flex tubes and plates with clips sculpts the creature’s organic shapes. It all results in a funky blend of organic forms and mechanical details in a fun monster build.