Get high on sugar this Halloween with a LEGO automated chocolate dispenser

You can always depend on Jason Allemann to take all things LEGO to a new level. For Halloween this year, the actual action of dishing out treats to tiny monsters, ghouls and all toddler-sized superheroes has been automated. It’s powered by a Mindstorms EV3 control unit and motor.

Mini Chocolate Vending Machine

It holds a total of 40 candy bars separated by Technic axles acting as dividers. The buttons are connected to lift arms which go all the way to the back activating touch sensors to release the sweet goods.

The ingeniously coded design within is has a time delay of 2 seconds so if there are any sugar-loaded kids (or adults) on the loose bashing all the buttons at once, the result will not leave Jason’s miniature store void of goods to dispense.

I think the only thing missing is a Technic remote door activator which will open Jason’s front door at the sound of a knock to let kids help themselves at the dispenser, and then triggering to shut the door, all while Jason sits on his comfortable sofa having his cup of well-deserved hot chocolate.

Check out the machine in full action in the YouTube video below.