Looking like an extra from a reboot of AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, the Skulkhound isn’t something you’d want to find rummaging through your rubbish. Builder Djokson is quite a practiced character artist with a great eye for design and parts usage. This creepy little doggo is a perfect example of both. The sharp, spindly legs provide just enough support for the arching, unnaturally thin spine of this Chupacabra-esque cutie. Clever color-blocking with DOTs bracelets of different thickness give the beast a cartoonish coat that almost distracts from its jagged smile.

The Skulkhound

It may have a face only its creator could love but look at it a little longer. You know it’s cute, just in a “good boy, don’t eat my soul, here’s your graveyard kibble” kind of way. If creepy isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t recommend checking out too many of Djokson’s other creatures. Some are much less cuddly than others but they’re all full of life.

2 comments on “Good...doggie...beast

  1. hntrains

    It looks like a real creature. Only when you take a second look do you realize it is made of certain parts joined in a certain way. And, hey! It’s those bracelets! I knew it some people will come up with great uses for them!

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