LEGO DOTS 41932 Extra DOTS – Series 5: A glowing new assortment [Review]

It feels like it was just yesterday (Okay, it was March) when we took a look at the Extra DOTS series 4 packs. (It was so recent, in fact, that I copied this intro paragraph from that review.) But LEGO has gone rapid-release on us, and now there’s already a whole new set of unique printed tiles to collect and colored elements to stock up on. Packs of 41932 Extra DOTS – Series 5  are available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.99.  We bought a few to see what this latest not-quite-blind-pack has to offer.

The bag and contents

Extra DOTS Series 5 packs have a listed part count of 120, including 10 “surprise charms.” Like the previous offerings, these DOTS bags have a clear window in the front of their packaging that lets you take a look at what’s inside.  That takes some of the “surprise” out the equation, unless you’re ordering on-line. Or maybe you don’t want to be one of those people who stand in the store shaking these bags to try and ensure a full set of prints. To add some excitement to this review, I decided to live on the edge and just bought the first five packs on the rack.

The parts

Like the other DOTS packs, LEGO has included a few extra parts as “overfill” – a common practice for small pieces that can easily get lost. The package lists a part count of 120, but each of my packs had 127 – one extra for each type of part. This series is sadly light on the “dot” part – only three of the elements are round tiles. The rest are quarter-circle tiles. (Which, admittedly, are very cool and useful.)  The full breakdown is:

  • 11 x Printed 1×1 round tile
  • 20 x Magenta round tile
  • 20 x Orange quarter-circle tile
  • 20 x Bright green quarter-circle tile
  • 20 x Yellow quarter-circle tile
  • 20 x Medium azure quarter-circle tile
  • 16 x Glow in the dark round tile

Other than the printed tiles, none of the elements are unique to this series. The rarest color is the glow in the dark rounds, which have only had three other appearances so far. It’s great to be able to get them in quantity, as five bag’s worth can give you a pretty nice temporary light source in a pinch.  What’s odd is that LEGO didn’t really call out these parts on the package – there’s a slight fuzzy glow around the pictured piece, but you’d think the actual words “Glow in the dark” would have tempted a few more customers to check these out.

Printed Tiles

The main “collectible” draw of these packs are the printed tiles. Series 5 is a welcome return to the 1×1 round iconic charms we saw back in the very first series. My reckless abandon in grabbing the first five packs I saw actually worked out, as I found all 16 different designs in the first four I opened. (I’m pretty sure this is the full set, anyway.) My favorite is probably that super-cute pencil, followed by the neon flamingo. But all of the designs look pretty good, with the possible exception of the magenta/blue leopard print one. I’m sure someone will find a creative use for it, though.

My lucky draws continued in that the two random packs of series 4 I grabbed had the last couple of prints I needed to complete that set as well. Here’s the full range of printed tiles from Extra DOTS series 1-5.  Do you have a favorite wave? Sound off in the comments, below!

Conclusion and recommendation

As far as parts packs go, there’s something fun in each of the Extra DOTS sets. This wave is a little light on the 1×1 rounds that I covet for my mosaic work, but the wealth of glow in the dark rounds are sure to show up in a future project or two. The quarter circle tiles are also pretty useful for detail work, and are a good extension to the larger DOTS line. And the printed tiles are super cute. So, as usual, if any of these elements feel like things you’d want to incorporate into your own creations then pick up a pack or two. They’re a fun, colorful treat that won’t break the bank.

41932 Extra DOTS – Series 5  are available now from the LEGO Shop Online for for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.99. They may also available via third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

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