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LEGO DOTS 41935: Lots of DOTS – Yep, that’s a lot of DOTS. [Review]

Sometimes, with all the licensed properties and amazing in-house themed models, it’s hard to remember that LEGO is also meant for those who would rather create their own things. That’s why I’m so fond of DOTS – it’s a call to the artistically inclined to get to building. We’ve shared several reviews of the DOTS Extra DOTS booster packs, but now LEGO is also offering a cost-effective way to quickly add 1040 pieces into your parts bin.  DOTS 41935: Lots of Dots is available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $19.99 | CAN $24.99 | UK £17.99. We bought a copy, so come along as we take a look at just what makes up “Lots of Dots”!

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Which LEGO sets have the most part count of a single element? [Feature]

LEGO enthusiasts love uncovering every tiny detail and bit of trivia that they can get their hands on. One of the questions that resurfaced recently was to identify the set that has had the highest number of the same parts — parts that are repeated not just in element design, but also in color. We found this thread on Facebook (login required) where the question was raised, which led to a Brickset discussion, and thanks to dvdweyer, we have an answer. He’s extracted the Rebrickable database for the most up to date status — at least until the next “biggest LEGO set ever” takes over one of the spots in this list.

We’ve then used the extracted details to form an infographic and added additional statistics to highlight the percentage of elements in comparison to the whole set. Here are the Top 13 sets visualised with the highest part count.

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