LEGO DOTS 41946 Extra Dots – A charming expansion [Review]

It feels like it was just yesterday (Okay, it was back in July) when we took a look at the Extra DOTS series 5 packs. What has LEGO decided to include in packs of 41946 Extra DOTS – Series 6? Well, they’re available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.49.  We bought a few to see what this latest not-quite-blind-pack has to offer.

The bag and contents

Extra DOTS Series 6 packs have a listed part count of 118, including 10 “surprise decos.” That’s a change from the previous series “surprise charms”. Why? Because this time around LEGO has decided to introduce actual dangle-charms into the mix. You can see the two designs – a yellow lightning bolt and a purple heart – in the center of the packaging. What isn’t called out is that there’s also a brand new 1×1 modified plate that those charms attach to.


The parts

Occasionally LEGO will “overfill” with an extra copy of a smaller piece that might get lost or overlooked. The DOTS line benefits strongly from this practice, as the 118 piece count was actually 127 in my packs – one extra of each of the parts.  I’ve included the extra into the part counts here.

  • 8 Medium Azure modified 1×1 round plate with attached bar
  • 20 Blue quarter-circle tiles
  • 20 Lavender quarter-circle tiles
  • 4 Purple heart charms
  • 20 Bright Purple 1×1 round tile
  • 20 Transparent Florescent Green quarter-circle tiles
  • 20 Spring Yellowish-green 1×1 round tile
  • 4 Cool Yellow lightning charms
  • 11 Printed 1×1 round tiles

This set features a new unique color for  quarter-circle tiles – transparent florescent green. It’s a fun addition to the available spectrum. 

The charms attach to a new modified 1×1 round plate with an attached bar connection. This part also appears in two new DOTS Bracelets sets – 41942: Into the Deep Bracelets with Charms and 41943: Gamer Bracelet with Charms. The Extra DOTS bags, though, is the cheapest way to acquire them.

Speaking of the charms, the purple heart is unique to these packs (a lavender version exists in the Into the Deep bracelet set).  The lightning bolts also appear in the Gamer Bracelet.

The heart charm is slightly smaller than the 1×1 modified heart tile (and much smaller than the classic Clikit heart). The charm heart is slightly too small to be attached to a stud…a strange decision since LEGO usually makes sure their elements have as many options for connections as possible.

Printed Tiles

Series 6 also introduces sixteen new printed 1×1 tiles. Each pack contains 11 of them (10 plus one “overfill”  extra), and the three packs I was able to order contained nearly a full set. The two designs that I didn’t get were luckily shown in the on-line product shot, so I’ve included them as an inset. My favorite part is that the light yellow smiley faces calling back to the design style of the very first series.  The “player one” and “player two” tiles are an obvious tie to the Gamer bracelet, and the starfish to the Into the Deep bracelet, making for a nice bit of theme unity. I should point out that the “Player” tiles have some pretty iffy printing alignment making them a little hard to read, at least in all the copies I saw.

Here’s a group shot of all the Extra DOTS printed tiles (well, except for those last two.). I’m looking forward to see where LEGO goes with these next.  I’m guessing back to the square format, but I’d be happy to be wrong.

Conclusion and recommendation

Extra DOTS Series 6 is a solid parts pack. The draw of the colorful tiles is enhanced by the new charms, and the new connection plate is sure to be a draw for the larger LEGO builder community. The printed tiles, the “collectible draw” of these packs, are silly and fun. So, as usual, if you think you could find creative use for any of these elements, pick up a pack or two. Maybe you can find someone to trade with to complete your printed tile set….

41946 Extra DOTS – Series 6  are available now from the LEGO Shop Online for for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.49.   They may also available via third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

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  1. hntrains

    It is a very nice review. Good text, good images. If you do not have this set, you now know why you should, or should not, buy it.

    I have loads of Dots sets; I got them when the price was low – under one dollar per polybag or bracelet -, for parts. I expect the series will be discontinued in the near future, just like it has recently happened with the other flop, Vidiyo.
    The Art sets, which I managed to get when they were half price – and I only got them for the Technic parts in them -, is the next series which I expect to go.

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