Mos Vespa: slow service, would not recommend.

In about a month or two when I regain Disney+ to watch The Book of Boba Fett I’ll get a chuckle over whatever hilarious point Iain Heath is making. The rest of youse can start laughing now because The Brothers Brick alumn is clearly up to his usual antics with a faux LEGO set this time depicting a Vespa-like speeder apparently seen in episode 3. Word on the street is there was a bunch of them. They were slow. They were shiny. Also colorful and appeared to belong to a gang sort of like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I can relate because I was in a biker gang when I was nine. No bike. No other gang members. Just me in an orange “biker vest” my mom and I handmade from an old sweatshirt. I sure wish I had friends for my little gang and a badass agenda. Anyway, check out why Iain is consistently one of the most hilarious builders around.

9 comments on “Mos Vespa: slow service, would not recommend.

  1. Pat

    Toxic fans wasted a lot of time and energy talking about those shiny speeders… Just enjoy the show or get the f*ck out. Seriously, what an awful bunch of no life crying dudes…..

  2. Christian B Jordan

    The scooter gang is a a homage to the 1979 movie Quadrophenia. The gang on the scooters are Mods.

  3. Pat

    I’m pretty sure Written Places is a no life crappy dude… his answer is typical to all ignorant haters. Now that this have been said, let’s get back to LEGO :)

  4. Johnny Johnson

    Pat: “Let’s get back to LEGO”, says the guy who still hasn’t said anything about LEGO, and has actually said nothing but pure insults, with no provocation. Any idea why you might be doing that over so slight a matter? This seems like a very big deal to you.

    CBJ: Wow, I had no idea about that. What an unexpected pull!

  5. hntrains

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions – but should make an effort to keep the interaction civil. ;)

    The set itself says nothing to me. I also do not see why this scale would be needed in the Star Wars series. A minifig-scale speeder is everything a fan could build before moving on.
    The exercise is always fun to do, nevertheless.

    P.S. How will you regain Disney+?

  6. Mike

    Don’t cry Johnny Johnson. Pat was plenty in his right. Yes there was a provocation. Can you read ? Besides, I agree with Pat about the fact that haters ruin everything. Have a great day :)

  7. PaulaA

    Johnny Johnson, Pat did not sent any insults. He only spoke the truth. Truth can hurt, right ? ;) And yes let’s talk about LEGO now :) I think this is the post of Brothers Brick with the most comments in a while haha !

  8. Dave T

    I still love LEGO, very much, but I have a litle lack of interest since a little moment… Like if my interest was lowering a bit when the new sets are not what I expected… I have been disappointed by what LEGO calls a “Clone Trooper Battle Pack”……

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