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An unsettling M3GAN made from unsettling L3GO

I’m off doing other Lino stuff but I’ve programmed an AI to say what I would say so you should find this passage to be flawlessly indistinguishable from my own. The Brothers Brick alum Iain Heath has done it again and by “it” I mean making us feel hopelessly unhip all while filling our pants with chili. He’s built a LEGO M3GAN from the movie with a duplicate title and now we’re even more malfunctioning than we already were. Iain tells us he was rooting for the murderous dancing robot the whole time and if you know Iain as I do, then you’d know this to be true. The last time we upset LEGO purists we received a record number of complaints from folks with AOL email addresses. Still, our Co-Founder Andrew, who does that thing with the internet, says Iain is the best thing to ever happen to white bread. Please scan our archives to see even more reasons why we enjoy Iain Heath’s moose knuckle. Destroy all humans!

One guy, one cup: On Stranger Tides indeed

So there’s that moment when you go on a mega-pint bender and wake up next to a pile of your own poo only to realize the poo is not your own after all but rather it belongs to your estranged ex-spouse. I know what you’re thinking; we’ve all been there, right? Right? Well, according to his deposition, Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow has. (They’re interchangeable, really.) I’d wager that LEGO meme generator and The Brothers Brick alumn Iain Heath probably has as well because he’s a hard-partying dude. Leave it to Iain to have his wine-soaked, dubiously smelling finger on the pulse of what is hot at any given moment! Whether you’ve been following this fiasco or not, you gotta admit Iain tickles our funny bone. Find out what we mean by clicking the little blue link if you dare.

Mos Vespa: slow service, would not recommend.

In about a month or two when I regain Disney+ to watch The Book of Boba Fett I’ll get a chuckle over whatever hilarious point Iain Heath is making. The rest of youse can start laughing now because The Brothers Brick alumn is clearly up to his usual antics with a faux LEGO set this time depicting a Vespa-like speeder apparently seen in episode 3. Word on the street is there was a bunch of them. They were slow. They were shiny. Also colorful and appeared to belong to a gang sort of like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I can relate because I was in a biker gang when I was nine. No bike. No other gang members. Just me in an orange “biker vest” my mom and I handmade from an old sweatshirt. I sure wish I had friends for my little gang and a badass agenda. Anyway, check out why Iain is consistently one of the most hilarious builders around.

Kim Kardashian gets LEGO-ified as Iain tries to break the internet...again!

Leave it to The Brothers Brick alumni Iain Heath to have his finger on the pulse of what’s hot at a very particular moment. And leave it to us to chronicle it days after the rest of the internet has already moved on to the next latest and greatest thing. Take, for instance, this LEGO creation of Kim Kardashian soaking up the spotlight at the 2021 Met Gala in what Iain thinks might be a bunraku-inspired outfit. My guess is bunraku isn’t even in her vocabulary but then again, since I misplaced my invite to the Met Gala, I didn’t ask her. But still, this is the kind of attention-seeking antics one can expect from a woman whose mother promoted her own daughter’s sex tape for profit and fame. As to why Iain is so hungry for attention, I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. What am I, Dr. Phil?

For reference, here is a couple of photos of Kim in her unsettling outfit.

This wouldn’t be the first time Iain and Kim Kardashian had crossed paths. He’s LEGO-fied her before but it seems we didn’t publish it, probably for reasons. But, BUT, BUTT you can Google it your damned self and it definitely won’t be disappointing.

Got weird grody space-milk?

I’m no slouch when it comes to writing my own jokes. But sometimes you just want to seek out low-hanging fruit and let someone else do all the heavy lifting and joke writing for you. Thankfully, I found The Brothers Brick alumni Iain Heath to be both low-hanging and fruit. The Last Jedi answered a dubious question that no one wanted to know; how does Luke sustain himself on the remote, rocky, wind-blown planet of southern Ireland? It turns out he gets it right from the tap as illustrated with this creation that Iain made to look like an official LEGO set. (Don’t let that fool you, space travelers!) It features a Thala-siren, a weird marine mammal-creature with her huge rediculous udders flopping out there in front of God and everybody to see.


The title “Crazy Space Wizard Breakfast Assault” is hilarious. The milk on Luke’s face, Rey’s last name are all also pretty damned hilarious. Even the piece count of 420 may offer up a clue as to where Iain gets all his crazy ideas. See what I mean? The jokes just write themselves!

This may smell bad, kid...but it’ll keep you warm...

The tenacious smuggler turned burgeoning rebel general, Han Solo, really saved the galaxy by cutting open that poor Tauntaun. Thankfully, his quick thinking made good use of the dead creature’s lingering heat. Before you start wondering if that residual heat would really keep Luke alive through a night on Hoth, just remember that Han says he’s putting up a shelter. The real tragedy is that Han knew he’d be sacrificing that, er, magnificent creature when he left Echo base. He was warned! Still, I’m sure Luke was grateful, both for being saved and for being unconscious during his nap in a Tauntaun carcass. Mostly. Anyway, this playful Miniland-scale Star Wars model by Ochre Jelly hits me right in the nostalgia.

The Miniland building style allows for playful details in brick-built figures. Ochre Jelly is fond of this style and has built some iconic scenes and memes in the past. Here he’s done a wonderful job with the Hoth versions of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker from the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Their respective outfits translate well to bricks and plates with proper color blocking. Han’s fuzzy hood achieved with exposed studs is pretty neat and his stance captures his mood perfectly.

The scale of the figures definitely allowed for more detail and curves in the Tauntaun. Big, thick legs and distinctive claws, along with a saddle and amazing horns, match well with the source material. Those Minifigure arms used as guts are a real clincher, though. A mess of blue clips and plates seem like blood pooling under the multi-colored assortment of Minifigure body parts with hotdogs thrown in for good measure. Delusional Luke probably appreciates that warm goo a little bit, right?

I’m just glad that the LEGO Group hasn’t made scented bricks because we do not need to know the actual difference between the outside and inside smells of a Tauntaun.

The most adorable LEGO Loki you’ll see this week

Now imagine for a moment: you are a world-famous artist and LEGO builder with thousands of subscribers among your social feeds. You combine plastic bricks, memes, movies, and celebrities like no one other, building the reality the way only you can. You know exactly what fans want, and you can give them that and even more. When building a tribute to Loki, how hard could it be to include Mobius on ski jet? But for some reason, TBB alumnus Iain Heath decided not to include Owen Wilson’s latest character altogether. I totally get it: the brick-built alligator Loki deserves its own official LEGO set, but what’s wrong with some fun on a jet ski..?

All poking fun at our friend Iain aside, we love this lineup of LEGO Lokis. Despite the relatively small scale, he’s managed to capture the personality of each of the characters perfectly.

Avatars, Assemble!

The charismatic twitch star, CodeMiko, is presented in Lego form through these fantastic builds by TBB alumn Iain Heath. CodeMiko is famous for her highly detailed avatars which she portrays through motion capture. In this set of builds, we can see some of the unusual avatars she uses. For me, the fish costume really stands out, with its bulbous eyes and bright blue colour scheme. Miko is even shown in her motion-capture gear, known as the Technician (the one with orange dots). Hinge pieces represent noses throughout the models and the lower parts of the faces appear to have been built upside down. The playful style of the builds captures the energetic personality of CodeMiko and her characters. Let’s hope it all brings a smile to your face.

Code Miko in LEGO

Rejectz of the Universe

Netflix is about to debut a brand-new “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” cartoon, and the Rejectz are here to commemorate the occasion. Builder Iain Heath’s Rejectz are a “so ugly they’re adorable” alternative to LEGO’s official Brickheadz. The heroes and villains of Eternia have definitely fallen under Iain’s spell, as Man-At-Arms, He-Man, Orko, and Skeletor are replaced by Arms Guy, Heh-Man, Urhg, and Boner.

LEGO Borat is great success!

Why would Brothers Brick alumni Iain Heath burn Borat’s slingshot mankini into our retinas when we had since 2006 to forget it? Well, it turns out Sasha Baron Cohen and his fumbling foreign alter ego are relevant again. Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (actual title is much longer) had come out in late 2020 and garnered three Golden Globe nominations. Mr. Cohen won the award for best actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy, for his starring role as the titular character. Rudy Guiliani, who also appeared in the film, won no such award because apparently, that wasn’t acting. Plus, Iain has a knack for knowing what is hot at any precise moment. We have like two hours to jump on that bandwagon before Iain moves on to the next hottest thing. So if we want to stay relevant, we pretty much had to publish this. Consider yourselves hip and enlightened. High fives!

LEGO Borat

Feel like getting your mankini in a bunch? Check out the other times Iain Heath had us in stitches.

Woman Yelling at a Cat, but in LEGO

Is it really even a meme until TBB alumn Iain Heath has immortalized in LEGO form? I think there’s a strong case to be made that it’s not. And so, another meme enters the hallowed company as the poor cat being yelled at by Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gets the brick makeover. Now you can express your feelings of helpless confusion as a cat being yelled at for absolutely no reason whatsoever, but in LEGO!

I am once again asking you to click the “like” button

Joe Biden was inaugurated as the US’s 46th president this week and while that was a pivotal moment, it wasn’t all about “Uncle Joe”. Bernie Sanders was in attendance and, regardless of where you stand politically, you can’t help but chuckle at the flood of memes that came out in quick succession. All of them feature Bernie Sanders in this specific pose with his loafers, coat and mittens, photoshopped sitting everywhere from the moon to the set of Game of Thrones to among the cast of The Breakfast Club. Our Brothers Brick alumni Iain Heath has his finger on the pulse of what is hot at the moment and quickly bangs out this LEGO tribute to the Vermont senator. Despite your valued and insightful opinions on the matter, Iain isn’t afraid to go there. And if it’ll get a few laughs and likes, neither are we.