One guy, one cup: On Stranger Tides indeed

So there’s that moment when you go on a mega-pint bender and wake up next to a pile of your own poo only to realize the poo is not your own after all but rather it belongs to your estranged ex-spouse. I know what you’re thinking; we’ve all been there, right? Right? Well, according to his deposition, Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow has. (They’re interchangeable, really.) I’d wager that LEGO meme generator and The Brothers Brick alumn Iain Heath probably has as well because he’s a hard-partying dude. Leave it to Iain to have his wine-soaked, dubiously smelling finger on the pulse of what is hot at any given moment! Whether you’ve been following this fiasco or not, you gotta admit Iain tickles our funny bone. Find out what we mean by clicking the little blue link if you dare.

10 comments on “One guy, one cup: On Stranger Tides indeed

  1. socketball

    What is it gonna take for heath to stop being a pathetic attention whore? You guys should be ashamed of sharing this ridiculous garbage.

  2. Grayson Moses

    Why is Iain still featured on this website? This blog used to be something decent.

  3. Troy

    Yeah I’m not usually one to make a big deal of things like this, but this is probably the first post ever on TBB where I questioned the relevance and even the validity of the content to the broader Lego community.

  4. Shalimar

    Agree with JB, this post and the headline in particular are in really bas taste. brothers brick has gotten to the point where i just scroll past the idiotic text as quickly as i can in search of interesting pictures.

  5. Preussen

    I can’t say I find this particularly funny, and the tacked-on text in the post is pretty tasteless. I do not, in fact “have to admit that it tickles my funny bone.”

    I mean, joking around at the expense of a victim of abuse and slander? Really?

  6. Skes

    I appreciate the humour but unfortunately domestic abuse is not a thing to be joked about.

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