Sailing across the wild blue yonder

Here, Markus Ronge presents a brilliant LEGO series of microscale Steampunk-inspired flying ships based on minifig scale versions he’d previously made. Each one brings something different, but what brought this to my attention was how each build is nearly two-dimensional in design. That can bring its own challenges, but Markus has afforded each build remarkable detail, and the brick-built clouds against the sky blue background really accentuate these builds.

Micro Skytanic

Above we have the Skytanic on a majestic voyage. The gold highlights on this royal yacht add that extravagance you’d expect to see in a luxury liner, as do the white, red and black colours.
There’s something pleasing about the angled smoke stack, too, as the vessel gently charts its journey across the seven skies…

The next offering is the Lightship IC Rocks. Normally keeping the skies clear in the darkest night, we find it under attack by sky pirates as it navigates near an aerial buoy! There’s a lot of nice detail included in this that you’d expect in a traditional icebreaker vessel, from the shaping and the colour palette through to the warning bells and lights. And of course, there’s also the ship’s name in brick-built form on the side! I like how Markus has added a touch of forced perspective in the sky pirate ship. By making this build slightly larger suggests this ship is closer to the viewer.

Micro Light Ship

Finally, we have a selection of other vehicles Markus has made minifigure scale versions of previously, now rendered in microscale form.

Micro Rotten Pumpkins

It’s always refreshing to come across something new and different, now I’m off to build something¬† myself, inspired by those magnificent men in their flying machines…