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Looking at these LEGO steampunk models, you can almost hear the hiss of steam, the clank of gears, and the whirr of clockwork. The steampunk aesthetic isn’t all wood and brass, so be sure to check out all the colorful models alongside classic steampunk creations from around the world.

This Capital Airship is a capital idea

Builder Jesse Gros seems to be the LEGO Steampunk King of the World. And why not? I mean, just take a nice long, steamy gawk at all those Victorian Steampunk details. I like the organic-looking feelers up top, the rear-facing mechanical doodads and the gear-encircled portal window that somewhat resembles a giant eye. I have no clue what any of it does but I am enamored nonetheless. Along with plenty of gold filagree, it is understood that Steampunk may contain copious amounts of brown, but this model instead employs black and dark green for a refreshing change from the norm.

Capital Airship - RV

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This LEGO tower evokes mad scientists, crazy experiments, and, er, video games

One of the great things about art (and yes, LEGO building is an art form!) is that people can draw on their own experiences and environments to find new meaning in a creation. Illia Zubashev came up with an in-depth backstory to this teetering tower. Apparently it’s the abode of a maverick scientist and inventor, which should come as no surprise – I mean, just look at it! As interesting as the description is, though, I didn’t register any of that when I first saw this. What popped into my head was the video game Sable. It’s completely unrelated, but it just has the same sort of vibe. So sorry I didn’t heed your fascinating description, Illia. At least I can appreciate what a good build this is!

Storm Tower

Come mine the LEGO skies!

Sky islands have been a favorite subject for many a LEGO creation. And it follows from logic that when all the rocks are floating up in the air, then so, too, are all the precious metals and minerals contained therein. Builder John Snyder shows us what a mining operation might look like suspended amongst the clouds with this glorious bit of steampunk-ery. The outpost is abuzz with gears, vents, winches, and pipes. And located right at the center of the whole shebang is the furnace, about to smelt another load of aerially-harvested lode. It was no-doubt uncovered in one of the neighboring rocks using that hot air balloon/drill combo. It’s one of the most ingenious uses of the LEGO ornament bulb I’ve ever seen!

Buckle’s Mining Outpost

Miniature steam train scene has maximum charm

LEGO train creations are typically large and full of highly realistic details. But this scene by 1saac W. proves that you don’t need a pile of parts to make a great train. The mostly monochrome collection of brown and gold parts has a steampunk vibe, and the addition of a clockwork clock is a nice touch. Look closely and you will also see a pair of passengers getting ready to board. I wonder where they are travelling?

The Station

By Air Mail, to the future!

When the land is flooded and we take to the skies to avoid global warming, LegOH! is here to allay our fears that we’ll still be getting our mail on time in this LEGO airship build.

LegOH! has managed to cram a lot of detail into this diminutive vessel that I love from the limited colour palette, the steampunk inspired furnace keeping the airship aloft to the wrought iron details and, of course, the cargo of letters connecting this brave new world of aeronauts.

This reminds me, I must stick the holiday post in the mail…

An inventor whose mind wanders the skies

In the steampunk-esque LEGO world of Wandering Skies, floating rocks make up the land… sorry, sky-scape. And Okay Yaramanoglu shows us how one inventor makes a home amid the levitating boulders. I adore the cartoon quality of Okay’s creation here. The tudor-inspired walls of the inventor’s abode contrast well with the golden shades of its roof. And the green highlights from the surrounding vegetation and window shutters add brilliant pops of color against the blue background of the sky. There is some fantastic parts usage throughout, including the cloud sculpting using 1×1 curved slopes and all the mechanical contraptions coming out of the building’s roof. But the best by far is the rock on which this “church” is built. The large rocky baseplate and craggy wheel from Nexo Knights for the two islands fit perfectly into this scene.

The Inventor's House

A regal ruler of the skies

Looking for inspiration for what to do with your pick-a-brick stash of curved window frames? Look no further than this beautiful airship by Kai/Geneva featuring several of these window frames as the perfect curved fuselage. I’m also a big fan of the crisscrossed LEGO strings wrapped around the fabric envelope. The majestic airship also features some Bionicle blades to deter any passing pirate who thinks this ship is easy prey.

Queen's Ferry

Relaxation in the sky

I’ve seen a lot of unusual fantasy floating islands, but this has to be the one I’d like to vacation at most. This lush LEGO Steampunk hotel and spa by Kai/Geneva looks perfectly tempting to spend a few hours soaking in the infinity pool—provided you’re not scared of heights, anyway. And just like the floating island concept itself, I’ve seen a lot of techniques for water, but the addition of some subtle lights built into this pool makes it look absolutely stunning.

Queen's Resort

Mr. Sande over the Lavender Islands

When LEGO released the 43181 Raya and the Heart Palace I knew it was only a matter of time until someone used the dome panel for a hot air balloon, mainly because the part had been released a year sooner in 41252 Poppy’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure as part of the balloon. Thanks to Ilya Zubashev the wait is over. The presentation of this creation is just sublime! The background matches with the colours of the base of the build and contrasts with the main focus of the creation. It makes me want to get over my fear of heights and hop into an air balloon to discover some undiscovered part of this big planet while watching the sunset from your own little basket.

Mr. Sande over the Lavender Islands

Exciting new prospects

Sometimes you just need a little more weirdness in your day, and this little prospector craft by LEGO builder Idoneas of Hillcrest might be just the dose you need. With the faceless pilot, I’m imagining this as an ad for the next model year prospecting craft, guaranteed to increase your finds by at least 12%! Whatever the reasoning may be, though, this tiny vehicle is packed to the gills with oddball details, starting with the old-school doors as wing panels. The prospector also contains one element I can legitimately say I’ve never seen used on its own before: a small black screw (yes, the metal kind) as a detail on one of the red wheels, surely sourced from some LEGO motor component.


New arrivals in the steampunk insectarium

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Caleb Flutur‘s collection of insect automatons, so let’s see what he’s been up to! First up is this amazing butterfly, which is absolutely chock-a-block with inventive parts use. Two sizes of whip are used as antennae, with barrels and golden flowers forming the thorax. What really completes the look are the wings. These are made from canvas pieces from 75148 Encounter on Jakku and really look the part.

Butterfly 2

Step into the insectarium for more new creepy-crawlies!

The original pony car

Want a vehicle worthy of this Victorian age, but can’t afford a steam car? Yearn for the elegance of the horse and cart without wanting to appear outdated? Then Peter Ilmrud‘s mechanical carriage may be for you! Perfect for the discerning gentleman or lady, this ingenious product can be retrofitted to your existing carriage. You will have access to more horsepower than any carriage could previously accommodate! No need to keep any grain either – coal is the only fuel you’ll need, with the only emissions of a much more nose-friendly nature!* Don’t delay, act today!

Horse powered Steam Carriage

*We do not accept any liability for smoke-induced illnesses, diseases, or losses of elegance. Goggles, tophat and driver sold separately. Please consult our catalogue for more modern steam-powered products.