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Have a drink on us!

Thirsty? Then head over to Marvin’s Mead Shoppe, created by LEGO builder Hubba Blöoba. I feel like this could be something out of Harry Potter, with the tiny beer booth actually containing the best pup in all Wizardom. The printed wooden slats and the brick base work perfectly with the white umbrella bricks as a mug of frothy beer. The use of grey roller skates as the door hinges was especially clever. I’m also a huge fan of the beer keg, which I will definitely be coping for my own build soon. When you’ve gazed at this LEGO build long enough, come inside and have a drink!

Marvin's Mead Shoppe

Malt, hops, water, yeast, and ABS — the perfect pint

LEGO and beer — surely the perfect combination*. Austrian builder sanellukovic certainly seems to think so, having put together this fabulous Medieval brewery. I love the frame of poles out front supporting the hop vines, and the presence of a well — clean water being the single most important ingredient in good beer, and generally the reason for a brewery’s location.

Brewery Südende 9 Kingdoms

The model has a nice interior, and there’s some great low-level photography to showcase it. I love when builders get their cameras down to minifig eye-level. It gives a wonderfully realistic feel when the images are up close like this…

...coal for the heat...

*Always drink responsibly. Especially if you’re building something. Building whilst under the influence of alcohol often results in terrible models. And don’t even think about drinking beer if you’re not over the age of legal consumption in whatever country you live in. You hear us? Don’t be telling the cops that TBB told you it was okay.

Foamy beery LEGO-y goodness – on tap

When it comes to refreshment, nothing beats an ice cold beer (subject, of course, to you being of legal drinking age in your country of residence). What could be better than combining beer and our favourite plastic bricks? Jimmy Fortel must agree — he’s built a fantastic LEGO sculpture of a draught beer fount and a glass in the process of being filled.

Beer on Tap

Now, I work for a big brewery in the real world, so whilst I admire Jimmy’s building skills, I have to take issue with the quality of serve on display here. There’s a lot of fobbing going on. I’d strongly suggest the bar owners check the dispense gas pressure on the beer line, and have a look at the cellar temperature whilst they’re at it. A quick line-cleaning might be in order too, just in case there’s a yeast build up. Jimmy’s really got to get the overabundance of beer foam sorted out, or the guys who run that bar are going to be decidedly unimpressed with the yields they get on draught — no matter how pretty the fount looks!

Raise a glass to this LEGO brewery

Rick Bewier has built a fantastic LEGO brewery scene, complete with an old-school dray lorry picking up its next delivery. The truck itself is a nice little model, but what makes the scene for me is the excellent use of color in the building itself, and things like the sliding warehouse doors and the lights.


I work for a brewery “in real life” and so I appreciated the other touches Patrick has added. The roof is obviously pretty cool, but what I particularly liked was the chimney — a spot-on detail for a compelling recreation of a classic redbrick Victorian-era brewery.