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Gold, Gold...Precious Gold!

It’s been a bit since we featured a castle creation on here, and I think it’s high time!

This tower by Marco den Besten (ecclesiastes) is just full of great details to draw the eye and avoid the big-grey-wall syndrome. I love the decorative elements at the top of each tower, and the lines on the main door. I particularly like the off-angle of the tower in the far back right.

Gold, gold, precious gold...

Open the tower to reveal the gold within:

Gold, gold, precious gold...

Dwalin and Balin...brother dwarves in LEGO form

Dwalin and Balin are probably my two favorite dwarves from The Hobbit and Pate-keetongu recreated them perfectly. There is a plethora of cool details in both figures but the pattern on Balin’s shirt is incredible.

Balin & Dwalin