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At last we will reveal ourselves to the LEGO fans...

You’ve got to give Yodamann credit for keeping LEGO building fun with this build that could have been part of the Time Cruisers line in the ’90s. Classic pirates with a Star Wars-inspired speeder…what’s not to love? The oars in the front, the inspiration for this creation, works really well here, and I love the barrel in the back for the propulsor unit.

Pirate Speeder

Lucky Luke LEGO creation is a colorful homage from a fan

Any Lucky Luck fans out there? Bas van Houwelingen is showing some serious fan cred by making this LEGO creation based on the comic series started by Belgian cartoonist Morris in 1946. Bas’s build (inspired by the designs of LEGO 7) is titled “‘I’m a poor lonesome cowboy…’”, and that somber note is reflected in the otherwise colorful and vibrant build, showing the titular Luke riding alone on his loyal steed Jolly Jumper.

Bas does a great job of contrasting both horses with similar elements showing emotions through how they’re placed; note the positioning of the manes and tails of each. The hair differences between the characters are very similar to this as well. I really like the smaller details, like the stirrups and the bandanas.

‘I’m a poor lonesome cowboy…’

Travel under the sea with this LEGO mermaid

This LEGO Ariel from qian yj is full of character and vibrant colors. Right away we’re drawn to the mermaid’s emerald eyes, with a surprising dimensionality. The way that the fish are swimming around the middle of the frame adds motion to the scene, along with the stingray on the bottom. The sea urchin on the bottom right look amazing, and the green seaweed serves as a great background element.


This epic 74-gun LEGO ship is ready to set sail

This minifig-scale LEGO ship, The Charlemagne, was built by Brick Duvel over a period of 2-3 years, and it’s a massive 150 studs from bow to stern, translating to a scale 177 feet long. Months were spent on the rigging alone, and the proof is in the pudding with this gorgeous model. Unlike many LEGO ships, the rigging is extensive, taut, and tied down well.

Charlemagne IMG_7148

Click to see more details including the interior!

“Expecto patronum!” in this Harry Potter LEGO build

Raise your wands for this collaborative LEGO build from Protector Of Air. The scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is recreated with some creative elements, like the shimmer effect adding to the Patronus and the varied use of leaves for the trees. The blue water complements the greens and grays well. As a LEGO Harry Potter fan, I appreciate that someone was able to use more than one of the plethora of Harry Potter minifigures.

Harry Potter LEGO build.

Intimate, poetic Asian scene in LEGO

LEGO builder Qian Yj is no stranger to Asian buildings. Qian’s latest is smaller, poetic, and more intimate in scope and subject. There is some really good detailing work on display, especially on the second building. The brick-based figures add a good human element to the scene, and the color choices work well here. What’s your favorite detail?

Thoughts in the Still of the Night(Li Bai.Tang Dynasty.)

Elvish minstrel serenades woodland creatures

This fun LEGO build from Markus Rollbühler was created as a reward for the fan challenge Summer Joust 2021. The color choices work well together, and there are some creative parts used, like minifigure hands and feathers for the birds, and the cat tail piece used for the squirrel’s tail. I especially love the orange/white balance between the tree and the minstrel.

Summer Joust 2021 Prize: Creating an Atmosphere | Woodland Minstrel

Find magic in this LEGO version of Dumbledore’s office

Two years after making a LEGO recreation of the Gryffindor Common Room from Harry Potter, Hans Dendauw is back with a fun, detailed version of Professor Dumbledore’s office. Both builds are constructed in the style of the current line of Harry Potter sets, and I would happily purchase them. The books and the carpet really tie the room together along with the twin curved staircases. There are some fun elements lurking around, like The Monster Book of Monsters from The Chamber of Secrets in the lower right and the Niffler from the Fantastic Beasts films, perched on top of one of the many bookshelves. I can’t wait to see what Hans will come up with next.

The Headmaster's Office

This LEGO Star Wars creation based on Jedi: Fallen Order is action-heavy

This LEGO Star Wars creation from Cube Brick is based on the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. The build features a frantic action scene in the middle of an abandoned village built into the rocks. Rather than using typical vegetation pieces, the builder chose to mostly use green bricks instead, and it looks great. The damaged tower is a great focal point here, and the brick-made flag is a nice touch.

Abandoned Village on Zeffo

Check out the video to see all the details.

And If you liked this, you should check out Brick Cube’s Sarlacc Pit build.

Mill with waterfall in a fictional LEGO world

We’ve covered the work of LEGO builder Ayrlego many times; Ayrlego has been developing vertical builds, some of which are connected to the fictional East Terran Trade Company (ETTC). The latest in this theme is focused around a guarded mill with a waterwheel inspired by Isaac Snyder. A lot of detail was put into the brickwork and vegetation, adding good visual interest to the tall scene.

The Crimson Mill, Westface

Run, Rincewind, run! (LEGO Discworld build)

Discworld fans will love this creative LEGO build from Eero Okkonen of the character Rincewind. A lot of LEGO builds are lauded for their smooth stud-free look, but Okkonen achieves a wonderful combination of both, giving the character an appropriately haggard appearance. The pieces used to create Rincewind’s facial hair, eyebrows, and sideburns are unique choices that work really well together, and I love how he uses Space Arms for the hands.

Run, Rincewind, run!

Take your seat on this enormous LEGO Emirates Airbus A380 that took more than ten months to design

The LEGO airplane builds from Jack Carleson keep getting bigger and bigger. While his previous Air Force One had a wingspan of five-and-a-half feet, the new Emirates A380 is seven-foot wide and weighs almost 100 pounds with no external supports. It’s massive and has a lot of great details, which we will get to below.

LEGO Emirates Airbus A380

Click here to take a full tour of the airplane