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Find magic in this LEGO version of Dumbledore’s office

Two years after making a LEGO recreation of the Gryffindor Common Room from Harry Potter, Hans Dendauw is back with a fun, detailed version of Professor Dumbledore’s office. Both builds are constructed in the style of the current line of Harry Potter sets, and I would happily purchase them. The books and the carpet really tie the room together along with the twin curved staircases.┬áThere are some fun elements lurking around, like The Monster Book of Monsters from The Chamber of Secrets in the lower right and the Niffler from the Fantastic Beasts films, perched on top of one of the many bookshelves. I can’t wait to see what Hans will come up with next.

The Headmaster's Office

Classic space never looked so..... long

LEGO themes present creative builders with endless opportunities to mash multiple themes together into the ultimate, ultimate LEGO creations, like zombie pirates, zombie army, zombie spaceships, and zombie cowboys. (what is up with this guy and his obsession with zombies? I blame Halloween). Anyways, back to mash-ups, this wonderful SHIP (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts) by Hans Dendauw brings together the fan challenges of SHIPtember and Novvember (an homage to the Vic Viper, one of the racing spaceships from the 1995 video game Gradius, distinguished by a two-pronged fuselage), and does it all in Classic space style. Benny would be proud.

Space Truckin' Round The Stars