This epic 74-gun LEGO ship is ready to set sail

This minifig-scale LEGO ship, The Charlemagne, was built by Brick Duvel over a period of 2-3 years, and it’s a massive 150 studs from bow to stern, translating to a scale 177 feet long. Months were spent on the rigging alone, and the proof is in the pudding with this gorgeous model. Unlike many LEGO ships, the rigging is extensive, taut, and tied down well.

Charlemagne IMG_7148

The name on the stern is a nice touch, and the ornate gold on black design looks great. I especially like the use of the gold plants mixed in with the other pieces. The two cannons on the bottom look menacing and ready to deliver a surprise salvo on enemy ships. In researching this ship, I learned that the French Rooster was an important French symbol, and was originally a sign of hope in the Middle Ages, and so it’s fitting that a gold rooster perches atop the stern.

Charlemagne IMG_7165

Imaginative storytelling is what brings large builds like these to life. Are they charting a route home or planning their next naval combat on the high seas? Accessory details like the map and telescope, are great additions to the build, and add a lot of character. I like the combination of studs and flat pieces here, allowing flexibility in where you place the minifgures.

Charlemagne IMG_7060

The capstan looks great and has some nice ropework added in. I really like the energy that this adds to the scene, and the variety in the minifigures. It’s not visible in this picture, but the capstan goes down another level and has other minifigures operating it. Brick Duvel’s clearly not content with a surface-level build, as you can see in the next few photos.

Charlemagne IMG_7029

You need to make sure your larder is well-stocked with plenty of food and beverages before you set sail. There’s a large variety of food pieces on display, and several casks in the background. I like the symmetry here and the stacking crates.

Charlemagne IMG_6545

The captain’s cabin is full of fun details and elements; the dresser knobs are perfect. I especially enjoyed the ship mini-build by the foot of the bed and the exquisite tilework on the floor.