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LEGO unveils 2,083-piece Airbus Concorde model in the Icons line [News]

Did you hear that sonic boom? That was the sound of LEGO unveiling the latest addition to the Icons line-up: the world’s first supersonic airliner, 10318 LEGO® Concorde. Despite having retired from operational service 20 years ago, it has endured as a popular image of luxury air travel. The LEGO set probably won’t fly as fast as the real thing (at least not under its own power), but does feature deployable landing gear, a detailed interior, and of course the ‘droop nose’. With a shade over 2,000 pieces, 10318 LEGO® Concorde will be available from LEGO.com and in stores starting September 7 (with early access September 4 for VIPs) for US $199.99 | CAN $259.99 | UK £169.99.

Take the model out for a test flight below!

Take your seat on this enormous LEGO Emirates Airbus A380 that took more than ten months to design

The LEGO airplane builds from Jack Carleson keep getting bigger and bigger. While his previous Air Force One had a wingspan of five-and-a-half feet, the new Emirates A380 is seven-foot wide and weighs almost 100 pounds with no external supports. It’s massive and has a lot of great details, which we will get to below.

LEGO Emirates Airbus A380

Click here to take a full tour of the airplane

Follow the journey of building a LEGO Airbus A350 with a wingspan over 5 feet

Lam Siu Wing is an artist and writer based in Hong Kong who has a keen interest in urban landscape, transport, and culture, which inspires him to always have a wandering eye during his travels. During one of his return trips on an A350 from Tel Aviv to Hong Kong in the summer of 2017, he had a sudden inspiration to build an aircraft made from LEGO. What resulted was a beautiful LEGO model of the Airbus A350 with a wingspan of more than 5 feet.

Siu Wing’s research started with a thought to upgrade the official LEGO Boeing 787 set 10177, but he quickly found that there wasn’t sufficient design information on the real airplane’s interiors. That’s when he decided to instead focus on the Airbus A350. Of course, living in Hong Kong would mean that Cathay Pacific airlines was the obvious choice of an airline carrier. So he began building from the inside out, and had a prototype completed within 2 months. Continue reading