LEGO unveils 2,083-piece Airbus Concorde model in the Icons line [News]

Did you hear that sonic boom? That was the sound of LEGO unveiling the latest addition to the Icons line-up: the world’s first supersonic airliner, 10318 LEGO® Concorde. Despite having retired from operational service 20 years ago, it has endured as a popular image of luxury air travel. The LEGO set probably won’t fly as fast as the real thing (at least not under its own power), but does feature deployable landing gear, a detailed interior, and of course the ‘droop nose’. With a shade over 2,000 pieces, 10318 LEGO® Concorde will be available from and in stores starting September 7 (with early access September 4 for VIPs) for US $199.99 | CAN $259.99 | UK £169.99.

10318 LEGO® Concorde | 2,083 pieces | Available September 7 (September 4 for VIPs) | US $199.99 | CAN $259.99 | UK £169.99

Here’s what LEGO has to say on the new model:


The LEGO Group today unveils a set that is sure to reach new heights – the LEGO® Concorde Set. Arguably one of the most iconic and famous aircrafts in history, the Concorde could cruise twice as fast as the speed of sound. An engineering masterpiece, the Concorde now comes in LEGO brick form. Built in the 1960s as part of a joint venture between the United Kingdom and France, the Concorde was the first supersonic passenger carrying commercial aircraft. This 2083-piece set is an accurate scale model of the airplane, that can be showcased in the home using the display stand, allowing the possibility to pose the brick-plane either in flight mode or tilted mode for take-off and landing.
The set is also rich in detail, with a removable roof to show off the opulent cabin interior, landing gear, as well as the nose and visor tilts.

The LEGO Concorde Set is available from 4th September 2023 for LEGO VIPs and 7th September 2023 for all via LEGO Stores and /Concorde priced at $199.99/€199.99/£169.99/299.99 AUD/1699.0 CNY/4474.7 TRY/84990.0 HUF/259.99 CAD.

4 comments on “LEGO unveils 2,083-piece Airbus Concorde model in the Icons line [News]

  1. Dave

    Airbus isn’t accurate and shouldn’t be used in any sentence with Concorde, the design came largely from the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Britain, after designs were passed in secret to France a partnership was then struck up comprising of the British Aircraft Corporation and Sud Aviation of France, while Sud later became Aerospatiale which was later merged into EADS which later became Airbus didn’t exist until 2014, 11 years after Concorde retired and 45 years after it first flew

  2. JB

    Airbus is probably the company licensing the design to Lego. So while they didn’t build it, they still “own” it…

  3. Myla

    to those talking about airbus: Concorde was built by BAE and Sud Aviation
    Sud Aviation split and became what is known today as Aérospatiale and Airbus.

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