With a full interior, this 6ft long LEGO model of Air Force One looks fit for a President

We’ve featured LEGO aircraft models by Jack Carleson before, but his latest model of Air Force One completely dwarfs them. This stunning model is a whopping six feet long and has a wingspan of five-and-a-half feet.

The aircraft is a modified version of the classic Boeing 747 airliner, used as the US President’s personal aircraft. Its official designation is VC-25A, but “Air Force One” is its popular name. It is the radio call sign whenever the President is on board. Whatever you may think of its current occupant, this model of his aircraft simply oozes class.

Jack’s model isn’t just pretty from the outside. It has a full interior, including the President’s stateroom and meeting room, and also a galley, an operating theatre and space for Secret Service agents and the White House press corps that accompany the President on his trips. It also has working folding stairs, for direct access to the aircraft’s lower deck. Whether the model also features an escape pod, as depicted in the 1997 movie Air Force One, is, of course, classified.

LEGO Air Force One MOC

LEGO Air Force One MOC

LEGO Air Force One MOC

Two of these jets first entered service during the George H.W. Bush presidency. Their gorgeous colour scheme was introduced on earlier Boeing 707 aircraft, as used by President John F. Kennedy. Jack used aqua bricks for the light blue parts. This cannot have been easy, given the limitations of the parts available in that color.

The wings are swept back, but also point slightly upwards. This requires a seriously strong structure where they meet the fuselage, which Jack built using solely LEGO parts.

He recreated the fuselage shape using an intricate combination of curved slopes and hinges. The distinctive hump that houses the cockpit and the aircraft’s upper deck made this particularly complicated, but everything fits together almost seamlessly. It looks fit for a president.

LEGO Air Force One MOC

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  1. Purple Dave

    VC-25A is the model number, but the two planes made to that spec have tail numbers of 28000 and 29000. If they’re flying with VPOTUS on board, the call sign is Air Force Two, and for all other flights it’s SAM followed by the tail number (for Special Air Mission). My dad actually made it on board 26000, which was the plane where Lyndon B. Johnson took his oath of office while flying back to D.C. with JFK’s remains and Jackie. Sometime during my dad’s service in the USAF, the then-current VPOTUS landed at his airbase on 26000. At the time, one of my dad’s jobs was to climb out a hatch that opened onto the wing and check some gauge. Security was a teensy bit more lax than it has been in the last 20 years, so he was just about to head back into the plane when he saw a guy wearing a lot of brass standing next to the hatch saying, “That’s my job, son.” If that had happened post-9/11, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have gotten out of that situation with nothing more than a cool story.

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